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Rajesh Revuru

Unity 4.X Message Notification to External Cell phone number


Iam having problems having message notification sent to cell phone number. I have 91XXXXXXXXXX* as the number for notification.

There are 4 of 16 ports are allocated to Message Notification


Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Rajesh,

Hope all is well!

For the Restriction Table wouldn't you want;


Message Notification, via the COS and Restriction Tables related to this COS. Have a look;

Restriction tables allow you to control which phone numbers subscribers and administrators can use for:

Transferring calls including both the numbers subscribers can enter for transferring their calls, and the numbers that unidentified callers can enter when using Caller system transfers.

Recording and playback by phone from Cisco Unity applications, when the phone is the designated recording and playback device in the Media Master. (The Media Master is available in the Cisco Unity Administrator, the Cisco Unity Assistant, the Cisco Unity Inbox, and ViewMail.)

Delivering faxes to a fax machine.

***Sending message notifications.

Sending AMIS messages.

For example, you can specify that subscribers have calls transferred only to internal extensions or that faxes are delivered only to local phone numbers. Restriction tables are applied regardless of how a subscriber or administrator accesses Cisco Unity.

Each class of service specifies for its members a restriction table for call transfers, ***one for message notification, and one for fax deliveries. The restriction table can be the same for all three, or different for each. Note, however, that the AMIS restriction table is not associated with a class of service; there is only one systemwide Restriction Table that controls AMIS message delivery.

From this doc;

Select a Restriction Table Select a restriction table for each of the following:


Select a restriction table to limit phone numbers that subscribers assigned to this COS can enter in message delivery settings. The table you select also restricts the subscriber extensions that Cisco Unity dials when the phone is selected as the recording and playback device for the Media Master.

From this doc;

Hope this helps!



Good morning, i actually have as 91??????????*. But i dont see any outbound call going out when i check my port status monitor and call viewer

I made sure the message notfication for the device is enabled and in the restriction table it is enabled as well.

It is not even triggering the call

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Rajesh,

OK, have you setup a Notification Schedule?

To Set Up or Change Phone or Pager Notification Devices from the Cisco Unity Assistant


Step 1 In the Cisco Unity Assistant, on the Notification Devices menu, click View Notification Devices.

Step 2 Click the notification device that you want to change or set up.

Step 3 Check the Notification Enabled check box to enable the device, or uncheck it to disable the device.

Step 4 In the Phone Number field, enter the phone number of the phone or pager, beginning with any access code needed to make an external call (for example, 9).

Use digits 0 through 9. Do not use spaces, dashes, or parentheses between digits. For long-distance numbers, also include 1 and the area code. You can also enter:

•, (comma) to insert a one-second pause.

•# and * to correspond to the # and * keys on the phone.

Depending on how Cisco Unity is set up, you may not be able to enter certain phone numbers or your phone system may require additional characters. If you are experiencing difficulties with this setting, contact your Cisco Unity administrator.

Step 5 Check the Try To Detect Connection check box if you want Cisco Unity to automatically try to detect a connection to the phone or pager before dialing extra digits.

Step 6 In the Dial Extra Digits field, enter any extra digits that Cisco Unity will dial after the phone number. The digits could be a password or an access number that you enter to hear messages, or an ID required by a pager.

Step 7 In the Dial After field, enter the number of seconds that Cisco Unity waits after dialing the phone or pager number before it dials the extra digits. (You may need to experiment with this setting. Try 6 seconds, then increase or decrease the time as needed.)

Step 8 To set up your notification schedule, use the Quick Add options to specify a schedule.


Check or uncheck the check boxes in the schedule to specify the active and inactive hours for the notification device. Cisco Unity makes notification calls during the active hours, if you have new messages. When a new message arrives during inactive hours, Cisco Unity sends a message notification at the start of the next active hour in your schedule.


Timesaver There are several ways to set up your notification schedule quickly. Click Clear Schedule to uncheck all check blocks at once. Alternatively, click Invert Schedule to check all the blocks that you currently do not have checked and uncheck the ones that you do have checked. You can use the Copy Day's Schedule function-below the schedule-to copy a schedule for one day to other days.


Step 9 Specify the timing and frequency of the calls that Cisco Unity makes to notify you of new messages:

Hope this helps!


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