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Unity 5.x / Exchange 2010 integration

We recently introduced an Exchange 2010 server into a Unity 5.x environment (which is presently partnered with an Exchange 2003 server).  Delivery of voice mails into the Exchange servers is working fine.  However, MWI isn't working for users who have migrated to Exchange 2010.  Has anybody else run into this problem?

David Hailey

There are specific steps to follow for adding Exchange 2010 to a Unity deployment whether it is the partner server or not.  Mainly, the MAPI protocol changes in 2010.  Give a read to the attached document.


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Thanks for the response.  We referenced that document already.  That's the document we worked off of to add the 2010 server to the environment.  We performed all 22 steps in the section titled "Adding One or More Exchange 2010 Servers to an Existing Cisco Unity 8.0, 7.0, and/or 5.0 Installation".  This is a post-integration issue that we're running into now.

Peter Mirabile

Has anyone found a resolution to the MWI issues? We have been in the migration process for about a month now and have gone through the same document. The first 2 users that were migrated have worked without an issue for about a month. We just migrated 17 more users and constantly have issues with MWIs. We get notices in the event log regarding failure to log into the users mailstore, yet the messages are being delivered fine. We recently deleted and recreated the MAPI profile per Cisco TAC and this did not resolve the issue.

I opened a TAC case and they were able to resolve the issue for me.  I can't quite remember the exact details off the top of my head so I looked up the e-mail from TAC.  Here's a summary (in the engineer's own words):

"MWI not working ....found that MWI not working for mailboxes residing
at exchange 2010...went to Subscriber--->message--->uncheck  the MWI
option...checked it back ...put X instead of  extension...saved...also suggested to check
mark on allow inheritable properties.....issue resolved"

That last part, "mark on allow inheritable properties...." is something that's done in AD Users and Computers on each user account but I cannot remember exactly what steps need to be done there.  I'm sorry I cannot be of more assistance with this but maybe this will be enough to get you going in the right direction.

Just got this never ending MWI issue resolved last night.  Compare your MAPI CDO version(newer GUSI tool will show this) with the value(properties>version) of the C:\Windows\System32\MAPI.dll.  For our environment we found that the MAPI CDO was 6.5.8190.0 and the mapi.dll properties showed 6.5.7654.12.  TAC says that the MAPI.dll file was not updated or replaced when we updated the latest MAPI CDO v 8190.  Here are the steps they recommended to update MAPI.dll which fixed our MWI issues that we've had ever since moving to the Exchange 2010 partner server.

-->Rename the mapi32.dll file to mapi32old.dll
-->Stop unity from the system tray
-->Stop CUMDBMonitor service
-->Uninstall the Microsoft collaboration and api from Add/Remove Program
-->Restart the Unity Server

-->Stop unity from the system tray
-->Stop CUMDBMonitor service
-->Install the latest MAPI
-->Restart the server
-->Check the version of mapi32.dll , it should come up as 6.5.8190.0 (note: ours came up with something which TAC said was fine)

==>Follow this process on the secondary server as well.

You can also reference SR615804809 with TAC for more details.

Nice post Adam!  Thanks for the update - I am doing this same work tomorrow and found your post before the latest update.  I will follow the instructions you provided here.



we had the same issue on MWI. I followed the same procedure here and it resolved our problem.



I have followed the exact same process, but while installing MAPI it gives error of this exchange version is not supported.

Do I need to uninstall Microsoft Exchange from Unity server from add remove program.



Can we run Unity 5.1 in mixed mode i.e. Keep the current integration with Exchnage 2003 and add exchnage 2010???

Yes, you can have unity partnered with exchange 2003 and add exchange 2010 in the exchange environment. But you may need to make some changes on Unity in order to do so. These are listed below in the following document:

Adding One or More Exchange 2010 Servers to an Existing Cisco Unity 8.0, 7.0, and/or 5.0 Installation

Follow all the steps except for step 21, if you do not want to partner with Exchange 2010.


Saurabh Agnihotri

I just got the same issue with Unity 8, after we changed the Exchange partner to a 2010 server MWI stop working, followed the instructions above and got it fixed, Thanks.

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