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Unity 7 Bulk Edit MWI settings


I have configured a dual integration with two CUCM clusters interconnected by an ICT. I want to migrate the users over from cluster A to cluster B in batches over a number of weeks. However, when I use Bulk Edit to import a batch of users and change the MWI settings to pint to the new switch the MWI sync doesn't seem to work. Unity seems to think the MWI lamp is already set when in actual fact it isn't. A full resync from the UTIM interface doesn't seem to solve the problem.

I've not investigated any log files at this time,maybe I should be digging deeper there nd following the troubleshooting guide.

However, if I don't make progress in that area I'm wondering if I ADD a second MWI number pointing at the second switch whether this will help fix/simplify my MWI issue as there will be no change when I migrate users over, the MWI will be sent to both clusters anyway. The only issue with this is I don't see a bulk edit option to ADD a second MWI number. I can do it from the Unity admin interface but not from Bulk Edit .... anybody know how I can do this?



Scott Hills
Cisco Employee


I take you are using Unity 7.0.2.

I suggest you go to Tools Depot > Switch Integration Tools > Telephony Inegration Manager > Tools > Subscriber-Phone System Integration

I suggesting checking which cluster the users point to using this tool. You can bulk change which phone integration the subscribers point to using this tool.

Hope that helps.



I did investigate that before but that just changes the switch the subscriber uses for normal outbound activities such as media master and dialing another number, it doesn't allow the MWI settings to be changed. I have tried updating the switch in the past via this tool it to see if it helped with my issue and it didn't.

Another issue with that tool is that you have to manually select which subscribers to migrate and when you have 1500 in a fairly random order it's simply not an option. A CSV file import option is required for that tool,

Thanks for the suggestion,


Thanks for checking that.

My goal would be to fix one person that is not working then that may lead us to know what Bulk Edit may not be doing.

Based on that if you go into a subscriber that is not working in SA and pull up Messages link.

Look under Message Waiting Indicators (MWIs)

You will see your MWI Extensions set for this subscriber. Here you have a drop down for Switch.

Is this set to the new CallManager Cluster you are attempting to point user at?



That's the way I've been approaching it, I actually only have one user migrated and that user is failing. I can get MWI to work 

but generally only if I send in a new message once migrated, or repeated attempts to reset the switch to pont to the new cluster via the Untiy Admin interface. So, in answer to the question I am pointing the user to the correct cluster, that's exactly what the Bulk edit does for me ... and I confirm it's worked by refreshing the Messages settings under the subscriber.

I will try a fresh user some time soon just in case this subscriber has got somewhat confused as I've bounced it between clusters so much,


I've now migrated some fresh users from one cluster to the other by using bulk edit and repointing the MWI setting to the opposite CUCM cluster. The MWI successfully nmoves over and this can be seen from SA, and I've restarted the AvNotfierMgr service but MWI no longer shows up on the phone.

When I try hitting refresh MWI it fails to work and I can see an MWI requests still going out on the old cluster ports.

I've tried a reboot and MWI still fails to work.

I *think* the only way I can get MWI to work properly is by manually migrating the user over to the opposite cluster using the SA interface and not the bulk admin. As this is a user by user edit it'snot a feasible approach. I've already said the UTIM tools interface is no good as it can't do bulk migrations via a imported list if users.

Could I try a different approach and bulk edit the migrated users so that the MWI goes via the old cluster but place my ICT prefix (*77) on all of the MWI numbers i.e *77X? I'm not sure fi *77X will result in Unity dialling *77 or not, does X still have the same meaning when placed after a prefix?

One other issue I've noticed is that the date is totally wrong on the Unity system, must have missed setting the time up properly during the build phase. Could that have be relevant, I suspect not? I will need to move the data forward by a over a year so does anybody know what sort of impact this should have on the system given it is a standalone install with AD and Exchange self contained on the server?



Although not 100% clear why, I think MWI is now working ok for migrated users. Two things have happened since the issue appeared:

1) I had two Unity systems in operation, the old v4 system and the new v7 system. The users had migrated to the new v7 system and the v4 system was temporarily there for emergency retrieval of any unmigrated VMs. However, I hadn't turned off the MWI overnight resync on the V4 system so every night the MWI settings were being updated based on old stale VM information, thus confusing users about the real status oif MWI.

2) Once the user is migrated from old switch to new switch via bulk edit, MWI does not come on if a new message is left. However, if I wait overnight and test the next day all is well. I assume an overnight housekeeping task somehow sorts the issue.

I've also added an overnight MWI sync, but that was added after point 2 was noticed,


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