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Unity and PIMG 80LS Analog integration with NEC NEAX 2400 IPX

Bryan Geoghan

There is no guide or one that I know of specifically for configuring the PIMG Analog box for MCI integration with a NEC NEAX 2400 IPX pbx.

I have been following a general guide on 'Setting Up a Serial (SMDI, MCI, or MD-110) PIMG Integration with Cisco Unity but it is unclear in a few areas and I was wondering if anyone could help answer my questions.

Within the section 'Setting Up the Analog PIMG Units for a Serial Integration' are where my first questions come up.

1) In the 'Serial Protocol' menu on the PIMG, there is a field to configure Logical Extension Number. It says for MCI, enter the extension number for each port on the PIMG unit.

- Is this the same extension number that will be on the port in the PBX and on the Unity side or a totally separate, unique extension?

Then, on the Gateway menu on the Gateway Advanced tab comes another question.

2) There is a field asking for Hunt Group Extension and the description says to Enter the pilot number of the Cisco Unity voice messaging ports.

- Is this the pilot number that groups the ports on the PBX? There is no hunt group extension on the Unity server.

A little later on, it says to go to the Tones configuration menu on the PIMG. There appears to be several tones that we have to define: Dialtone event, Busy Tone event, Error/Reorder Tone event, and Ringback Tone event.

3) It asks to perform different call scenarios with phones, I assume phones connected to the PBX, so these Tones can be detected.

- If we are using 4 PIMGs with one being a master PIMG, do we want to plug 1 in at a time and run through the call scenarios or can they all be plugged into the PBX while this is going on?

I would appreciate any help, especially if you had experience with this same scenario. Again, I have not found any guides that really match the equipment I am using.



Tray Stoutmeyer
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I am not sure which version of Unity you are using but I found this other guide here for NEC NEAX 2400 with Serial MCI Integration Guidr for Cisco Unity 4.0 if that would be better.

To answer the questions you do have, I would think on 1) that those should match the dn you have on the pbx associated with each PIMG port and for 2) the pilot number is the hunt pilot on the pbx that will go through the subsequent dn's for each port on the PIMG until it finds one available to take a message on Unity and 3) I believe you can have other phones plugged in but you only use one to get the tones configured.

Let me know if this helps.


That guide doesn't show the PIMG devices. Its as if you are plugging straight from Unity to the PBX.

Also on my 3rd question, I am asking can I have all 4 PIMG cards plugged into the PBX while I am doing this or do I need to have 1 plugged in at a time?

Basically, if you have (4) PIMGs, that would equal 4 units x 8 ports = 32 analog ports on the NEC needed.

Configure the 32 ports into a hunt group with a pilot number to "enter" into any of the 32 ports.

If you are using SDMI to control MWI, plug in the serial cable to your Unity server and your PBX and the MWIs should be able to work. (configure each end of course)

Unity will be able to handle 4 PIMGs no problem. I had (4) PIMGs configured to a ROLM once with no problem. The trick is to get the hunt group correct at the PBX into the 32 analog ports which connect to the PIMGs

We aren't using SMDI. We are using MCI and it says to run the RS232 cable from the PBX to the master PIMG. My confusion isn't really on creating the huntgroup on the PBX, its configuring the PIMGs. See my questions above.

Sorry for the incorrect doc there. YOu have the right one then. As far as I know you can have all 4 PIMG on there.




Did you get this working?


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