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Unity Connection 2.0 MWI sync schedule?

We have problems occassionally where the MWI's will stop working on some lines.  Today I found out that they hadn't been working since last week and management is not too happy about it.  I see that in other Unity versions you can schedule when the system does a MWI sync.  Any way to do that in Unity Connection 2.0?

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Re: Unity Connection 2.0 MWI sync schedule?

Hi there,

I'm not exactly sure about UC 2.x but if it is available it will be here

Cisco Unity Connection Task Management Tool

The Task Management pages list a variety of system maintenance and troubleshooting tasks that Cisco Unity Connection automatically runs on a regular schedule. Tasks can be run at the same time as backups and anti-virus scans.

The default settings and schedules for each task are optimized for functionality and performance. We recommend that you not change the default settings and schedules.

Caution Some tasks are critical to Connection functionality. Disabling or changing the frequency of critical tasks may adversely affect performance or cause Connection to stop functioning.

To Access the Task Management Tool

Step 1 In Cisco Unity Connection Administration, expand Tools.

Step 2 Click Task Management.




Re: Unity Connection 2.0 MWI sync schedule?

Interesting, I see that it's been running successfully at 3 o'clock in the morning every night.  So I'm confused then, why is it that everytime the MWIs aren't working I do a synchronize and it starts working?  I would have thought that the daily sync would take care of that.


Re: Unity Connection 2.0 MWI sync schedule?

It's possible you have another vm system in the network that is changing the mwi light in addition to the connection server.  Usually when you see odd behavior that is the cause.

When the MWI light is say off for a user, go to connection and look to see what connection says.  Does it say on?  If so then someone else (another VM server) turned it off.

If it says off then you'll want to verify they really have a new message and it's not that they marked it read with an email client or something.

If it says pending then connection is having issues getting the PBX to accept the MWI commands.

Beyond that you get into more odd setups, like users who have an mwi # for themselves in connection and then also list a second phone number for MWI which turns on two phones and other crazyness with shared lines and no one knowing who really has a message.

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