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Unity Connection 7 ... port not registered on UCM 7.0


I'm in the process of installing a unity connection, I made the configuration as requested in the guide by creating the needed CSS & partitions but I probably miss something as when I try to call the voicemail pilot, this doesn't answer.

As I go to check all the ports, I see them unregistered (not registered)

Any idea is more than welcome.

Thanks in advance

Kind regards


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I can't speak specifically to CUCM 7, but it should behave similarly to CallManager 4.x

When creating the ports, make sure that under Telephony Integration > Port Group the "Device Name Prefix" is the same as the device name prefix in CallManager.

When connecting to CallManager, Unity Connection (and Unity by the way) will search for all devices with this device name prefix.

I'm trying to add VM ports using SCCP integration and am having an issue with my VM ports registering.

In the Unified Communication Manager Port Wizard, I use:

Cisco Voice Mail Server: CiscoUM1 -> and it creates a device (eg. CiscoUM1-VI1)

In Unity Connection, I try to add a Port using CiscoUM1-VI as the Device Name Prefix and it adds -xxx to the name (eg. CiscoUM1-VI-001) and in both instances I am unable to edit either entry in attempt to match the two values.

Also, if I try to manually enter a VM Port and name it using the UC Port Name (CiscoUM1-VI-001), I get "Cisco Voice Mail Port Names must end with "-VIn" where "n" is a port number (from 1 to 144)".

Any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong?

Nevermind, for whatever reason the ports just started registering after I recreated them for the tenth time...


Did you find out what the problem was? I have the same scenario and I am having the exact same problem.

Yes, after the tenth or so time doing the exact same steps over and over again, the ports just happened to register by themselves. Sorry, no apparent reason I can remember that might help in your case.

Here is how it works.

when creating voicemail server in CCM if you accept the default which is CiscoUM1, after the vm port wizard is complete the acutal port name will be CiscoUM1-VI1, CiscoUM1-VI2 and so on...

So now in Unity Connection use the Device name prefix as CiscoUM1-VI under Port Group configuration.

Disregard what the display name is in Unity Connection when you bring up the individual port. Go to the actual port and at the bottom of the screen under "Advanced" verify the SCCP Device Name matches your actual vm port created in callmanager.

Another example: if in cccm I am using vm server as ucon1... then my port names will be ucon1-VI1, ucon1-VI2 and so on...

In Unity Connection under Port Group configuration my Device Name prefix will be ucon1-VI

I know I am coming into the late having finally given up on the problems that the Unity and Exchange integration that keep coming my way but I was scratchin my head over this even though the answer is simple.  I read mrugeshpetel's post 10 or more times until the simple instruction finally sank in.

Thank you for addng this solution from a late-commer to Untiy Connections movement.

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