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Unity Connection 9.1 ports stuck busy

     I am seeing port stuck busy for prolonged periods of time, see syslog below.

Is there anyway of Automatically resetting ports if they have been busy for over a certain amount of time?

2013-10-09 06:25:02 Local7.Error chiuvm71 8809: : : 11608: Oct 08 2013 07:25:02 PM.698 UTC :  %UC_UCEVNT-3-EvtMiuPortStuckWithCallinfoOnly: %[AppID=CuCsMgr][ClusterID=][NodeID=CHIUVM71]: Port CUCM71-1-001 has been busy since 2013-10-04 01:43:40. The system threshold is 240 minutes, indicating that this port is currently unavailable and may be unable to handle further calls. CALLINFO: callerID='5432' callerName='Caterfare Raw' calledID='3001' redirectingID='' lastRedirectingID='' reason=1=Direct lastReason=1024=. Additional Info: A skinny message sequence has been dumped to the current diagnostic file. The sequence can be found by searching for the identifi             


Unity Connection 9.1 ports stuck busy

Hello chrbradf1,

You can set the amount of time for the watchdog to generate a log when the port would be considered locked, but there is no automatic way of restarting them on the CUC perspective neither on CUCM, there is also no provisioning for Tcl scripting therefore you will have to restart them manually.

Watchdog is under: Cisco Unity Connection Administration> System Settings> Advanced> Telephonny> Port Watchdog Threshold in Minutes.

Port Watchdog Threshold in Minutes

Enter the time, in minutes, that a port can be off hook before it is considered to be locked. When a port reaches this threshold, Cisco Unity Connection logs an error. To review errors, see the Real-Time Monitoring Tool. We recommend a setting greater than 30 minutes.

Default setting: 240 minutes.

Also consider that maximum time is 240000 minimum is 0 and value has to be integer.


Value specified (111111111) exceeds the maximum allowable value (24000).

Value specified (0.1111) is not an integer value

Value specified (-1111) is below the minimum allowable value (0).


Cisco Employee

You can go into CUCTelephony

You can go into CUC

Telephony Integrations>Port and clikc on the port that is stuck, on that page there is a restart button that will reset the port.



Select this button to restart the voice messaging port.



Restarting a voice messaging port terminates any call that is in progress on that port. In Cisco Unity Connection Serviceability, you can stop a port from taking new incoming calls on the Tools > Cluster Management page.

Frequent Contributor

Yes, I know how to reset the

Yes, I know how to reset the port manually.

But my point  is that after a certain amount of time a stuck port should automatically reset.

I find I get stuck open ports to  Wifi phones 7925's and ASCOM. I have to reset the port group about once a month.


Hi Richard,

Hi Richard,

I know this post is a bit old but I am running into the same issue and was wondering if you

ever got this one resolved.

Thank you,

~ Rob Oliveira ~
Frequent Contributor

NO it never was before I left

NO it never was before I left the company(retired), but the CUCM was never upgraded, I am wondering if an upgrade would fix the problem


Thanks Richard,

Thanks Richard,

I actually figured out that this was due to a big that was fixed but now resurfaced in 10.5.

I appreciate the follow up!

~ Rob Oliveira ~
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