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Dillon Probst

Unity Connection 9.1 & SourceOne Archiving

We've recently integrated Cisco's Unity Connection 9.1 ( in our unified  communications environment. When a voicemail is left for a user, an  email with an attached .wav file is inserted into the user's Exchange mailbox (Exchange 2010). The message class of the voicemail notification appears as an  IPM.Note.Custom.Cisco.Unity.Voice type in Exchange. We use an EMC product called SourceOne for archiving and deleted message recovery. However, SourceOne doesn't appear to  recognize these types of messages. Is there anyone who is using SourceOne with Unity Connection that has both configured to properly archive and retrieve voicemails?



I also have a client with a similiar issue.  What I've been told is when using single inbox; the message is replicated to users mailbox via the EWS and not SMTP; therefore, the journaling mailbox never gets it and it isn't caught in the achiving process.  Does anyone have a way to do this so that the journaling mailbox does catch it?


Eventually, we found the best solution was to setup an Exchange mailbox for all voicemails to relay to and set all UCON mailboxes to "accept and relay" to that address. I believe this also allowed the voicemails to be searchable through SourceOne just like you would for any other email message. Below are my notes from one of the Cisco reps, but feel free to reach out if you have questions on how we have it configured.

"I think the only way around this is by sending all incoming VM messages to a SMTP location, you can use the Accept and Relay functionality built into Unity Connection to do this. It can be setup by the Administrator.  It allows the Acceptance of the VM and the normal sending of this to the users single inbox via EWS and also will Relay a copy wherever you want via SMTP.

See here for more details -"

Dillon Probst

I opened a TAC case and this was the response:

I’ve  got your SR.  This  isn’t the first time I’ve seen archivers unable to  act on EWS synced messages  that are not SMTP or MAPI message classes.   I’m afraid that there’s nothing from  the UC side that can be configured  in order for those products to act on these.   I had another customer  running Postini who saw the same behavior.  They engaged  Postini to try  and figure out what specifically the product was looking for in   messages to be able to archive them and ultimately were unable to  archive them.   There’s no message compliance feature built into UC  itself, so options are  limited to what 3rd party products are capable of  providing.


I am also running SourceOne and Unity.  We are only on Unity 5 right now but are in the process of upgrading to 9.1.  We don't use a journaliing mailbox for the archiving so I'll have to see how the archiving of voicemails works in my case.

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