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Unity Connection sending conflict messages to SIB user

The problem I'm experiencing is a user is intermittently receiving conflict messages in her Outlook SIB when she receives a voicemail. This is occuring on messages left by both internal calls and external callers. I would say 10% of her messages show up in Outlook as conflict messages. I've attached a screenshot of the conflict message in Outlook

I have a pilot going right now of CUC 8.61A connected to an Exchange  2007 SP1 cluster. I have CUC configured for single inbox access with VMO  8.64 installed on Outlook 2010. The client has Unity Unified Messaging and I'm migrating them over to Unity Connection SIB. Two pilot users have been moved from Unity to Connection via COBRAS then configured for SIB. SIB works without issues except for these conflict messages.

It would be greatly appreciated if anyone can shed some light as to why this is occuring or a workaround. In the meantime, I've setup some trace settings waiting for the client to be able to reproduce the issue.


Bradford Magnani
Cisco Employee

Hi Patrick,

I've seen this in a couple scenarios.

1.  where end users are operating in cached mode with Outlook and the communication between the client and Exchange is causing the conflicting "edits" when it resyncs - try disabling it and repro the problem for a few affected users

2.  there was a problem with a few users' Outlook profiles which were rebuilt by their Exchange admin and this resolved the issue

Hope that helps,



Thanks Brad. They are running in cached mode so I'll check that out. Not sure about the outlook profile being built. I'm thinking MS issue though so this is good info.



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Hello Patrick,

Have you checked the Release notes on VMO 8.6.4 for compatibility information and related documentation? You can checked it in the following shrinked link:

Have you seen any warning, error or information app logs on eventvwr related to the issue that you could post for further assistance?

-David Peck


Yes, I reviewed the releases notes. My user didn't see any entries in the event logs. FWIW, I have not received any notification from my customer stating that conflict messages have been an issue since the cutover. It's been a month now and all 550 subscribers are not receiving conflict messages.

I've also been following this thread where it seems to be more common in CUC v8.5 with VMO 8.5.

Shared mailbox access is another story though. This functionality doesn't exist for CUC 8.61a and it requires an ES that isn't available for download yet on CCO. TAC provided me with CUCM version 8.6.1-21018-1 which contains Unity Connection version 8.61 ES17. This ES fixes the shared mailbox issue that is tracked as part of bug CSCts85826. The notes in the bug don't line up with the real issue but that's not unusual.

The shared mailbox access issue is noted in the release notes you posted but what the notes don't tell you is that this is only applicalbe to CUC version 8.5. See section, Support For Group Exchange Mailbox Access Play Messages. ES49 only applies to CUC v8.5.



UC 8.5.1 ES16 SIB users with VMO 8.5.7 and BPOS Exchange 2010 SP2 - users are intermittently recieving the following messages.  Many of these users are also BES users.  Is this a known issue or bug with this release of software or was there a fix in later software releases for CUC?   Or is this an Outlook/BES issue?  Thanks.

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