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Unity Directory Not transferring calls

We currently have CUCM and CUC at our HQ. We have branch sites running on SRST routers. Within Unity, each branch has a directory handler setup. When a customer calls into on of our branch locations and the call is not answered, it will then go to the general mailbox where the caller is given the option to press 1 for a dial-by-name directory. When you go to spell the person's name, the system does find them and tells you to press # if it is the correct person. Once you press #, you hear 3 beeps and then you hear an automated error message of “Were sorry you must first dial 1 to call this number. Please try your call again. We are using 7 digit internal extension dialing. I am not sure why it is not working. The only thing that I can think of is that it is trying to dial a number at a remote location and does not know to just dial the extension or ???

Any help is appreciated.


Unity Directory Not transferring calls

I have done some further testing and I found that the transferring works from the directory when it is just going directly to the persons phone. IF that phone is forwarded to an outside number, it will not work. I tried it on two people that have their phone forwarded and it did not work. If I remove the forwarding, it works. Once I put the forwarding back on, doesn’t work again

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