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Unity failover 4.0 to 4.2

I have a technical question that I need advice on.

We have a customer with Unity failover and we need to upgrade from 4.0 to 4.2 - its UM and currently they are using win2000 and they have requested win2k3 as part of the upgrade. The guide states that we must have both servers down to do the upgrade - is that really necessary? Could we break the mirror, have the primary working on its own and then upgrade the Unity to 4.2 on the secondary, then DIRT backup and rebuild as a win2k3 with Unity 4.2 ? I assume we would have to run a Unity Uninstall on the secondary. Once we have the secondary up and working switch off the primary and then DIRT import the data onto the secondary that way continuing service to the customer with the added comfort that there is always a system available in case of issues?


Re: Unity failover 4.0 to 4.2

Pretty much you need to have both down. Here is what i would do:

Uninstall the Failover on both servers.

Re-install the secondary server with your 2003 OS, 4.2, etc.

Digitally network the old server and the new server together.

Rebuild your callhandlers, system settings on the new server

Run the Global subscriber migration tool to move the Unity accounts from old to new server

Run UTIM on the old server and disconnect the CUCM VM Ports

Run UTIM on the secondary server and connect to CUCM

You have basically eliminated the down time other than to migrate the subscriber accounts and change ports.

With the old server offline, rebuild it be your secondary server or failover server.

You could also do this:

Run the upgrade process on the primary from 4.0 to 4.2.

Re-install the old server to 4.2 and windows 2003

DIRT Export old server

DIRT import new server

Rebuild the existing server then as your failover server.



Re: Unity failover 4.0 to 4.2


thanks for your reply, most helpful.

If we break the failover so the two servers are standalone to eachother then do you think we could:

1. upgrade primary to 4.2 (this is standalone at this stage).

2. DIRT extract

3. Uninstall the secondary and rebuild as 4.2 as a new primary(change license registration as well). This way we have a working server before we blow away the primary.

4. Uninstall the original primary.

5. Reimport DIRT info to the new primary(step 3 above - which will be a standalone server)

6. Rebuild the old primary as the new secondary and resynch the servers as failovers?

Regards, Jeff

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