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Unity non-delivery receipt lacks original message

We're running Unity Connection 8.5, and, according to online documentation, when a subscriber receives a non-delivery receipt (NDR), it is supposed to contain the original message. Unfortunately, in practice in our environment, it doesn't. We're using single inbox connected to an Exchange 2010 server. Is it possible the Exchange server is stripping off the original message when the NDR is being generated? I really don't know much about Exchange and am not the admin for that server so I can't investigate that piece of the puzzle. Or, is there a setting somewhere in Unity that is causing this behavior? My concern right now is is that people are mistaking the NDRs that they are getting as "email full" NDRs, not "voicemail full" due to the wording of the messages, which I think is the same for both types of NDR passing through the email server. Without the original voice message as an attachemnt, currently the only way a user knows which type of NDR it is is to look at the header, which, unfortunately, most of our users don't understand how to do.

Any help I can get would be apprieciated!

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