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Unity Service doesn't start

We are running Unity 4.0(3) with Exchnage5.5.

Problem is we are unable to access Unity Admin web-page. On the right-hand side of the system tray I saw the message "Unity Stopped" which means that Unity Service has stopped. Tried restarting the service ( " Start Unity ) , didn't work out.

Does a server reboot have any chance of fixing this? Or do we have to re-install Unity?

When I try to access Unity Admin page the error is :

Server.CreateObject(AvSaLocalization.AvSaLocalization.1) failed.

This is most likely an error with a DLL, probably AvSaLocalizationSvr.dll or perhaps AvSaLocaleInfoSvr.dll.

Check that these files are present, and registered with REGSVR32.

Also be sure that the appropriate MsgStoreRes.dll file is present. - present in Commserver folder....

All .dll files are present in CommServer folder. I don't know how to check the registration with REGSVR32.

Can anyone please suggest something?


Re: Unity Service doesn't start

1) Search the Cisco Unity server for these files:



2) Choose Start > Run, and type cmd. Press Enter.

3) CD to the directory where the AvSaLocalizationSvr.dll file is located. At the prompt, type regsvr32 AvSaLocalizationSvr.dll. Press Enter.

4) CD to the directory where the AvSaLocaleInfoSvr.dll file is located. At the prompt, type regsvr32 AvSaLocaleInfoSvr.dll. Press Enter.

Note: For each register attempt, a pop-up message indicates that the .dll registered successfully.

5) Now, update three DCOM configuration entries in Component Services. Choose Start > Programs > Administrative Tools > Component Services.

6) Expand Component Services > Computers > My Computer > DCOM Config.

7) On the right side pane, right click on AvLic (or whatever your CLSID represents) and choose Properties.

8) Go to the Security tab.

9) Under Launch Permissions, choose Customize and go to the Edit tab.

10) Add Everyone and click to enable Local Activation and Local Launch.

11) Click Apply.

12) Click OK to exit.

13) Perform these steps for the AvCsGateway and AvDsGlobalCatalog services as well. It might be necessary to restart the IIS service after you perform these changes.




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Re: Unity Service doesn't start

One more important point I forgot to mention - This issue happenned only after Unity server was rebooted. Before everything else was fine. Read somewhere that there are known issues pertaining to Unity 4.0(3) not starting properly after a server reboot.


Re: Unity Service doesn't start


Thanks for your efforts to help me out.

I resolved the issue yesterday by restarting several services, one of them being AvCsMgr. After that Unity came up on it's own. Weird thing is that all services were running fine even when Unity was stopped. Read somewhere that this sometimes happens with Unity 4.0(3), a very unstable version at the best of times.

Wish all of you a very nice day.

Thanks & Regards,

Abhijit Das.


Re: Unity Service doesn't start

you should not have to reinstall unity.

if server reboot fails to start unity. run the permisions wizard and try to start unity again.


Re: Unity Service doesn't start


Re: Unity Service doesn't start

You should also look in the windows event log after trying to start Unity. Unity does quite a bit of detailed logging to the event log, so it will likely point you in the right direction.

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