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Unity ver 5 AD Schema Update Issue

I have a client that we have upgraded to Unity 5 from version 4 and we now have issues that we cannot create users or change settings as the AD schema was not updated.

We sent the client instructions to which he followed and said that it completed. Unfortunately we have now found that the installation did not run and we cannot run the update.

Microsoft support have said that there is nothing wrong with the server or AD and that it is a Ciso Issue.

The Problem.

We have copied the CD to a folder on the local DC as no dvd drive in server (Schema Master). When we run ADSchemaSetup.exe we are prompted for the language box to which we select English and that's it. We do not get any other message, errors or any other windows.

When we look at the ldif folder on the desktop it contains no error messages and just shows the following (see attachement)

This is what we have checked so far.

1.) No AD replication issues.

2.) Created a new account with domain admin and schema admin permission.

3.) Run the setup from console rather than through RDP.

4.)Made sure the registry key for schema update is set to 1.

5.)Used the domain administrator account which is past of the schema admins group.

All of the above have made no difference so running out of idea's so any help is appreciated.

The Unity server is a member server in the existing domain with exchange also running on a seperate server.




Hi Martin,

I think you are supposed to do this task from the Unity server which is member server of the domain with UnityInstall account.

UnityInstall account should have all admin rights & should be member of Domain admin group as well as local admin group.





Sounds like you've run into CSCsl48851. Currently, ADSchemaSetup will not run successfully on a server that has 64 bit Windows 2003. As Waruna replied, you might be able to successfully run ADSchemaSetup on the Unity server if you run it when you're logged onto the Unity server with an account with appropriate level of permissions. In my lab environment, that's what I always do. Because this doesn't always work, the Unity documentation recommends that you run ADSchemaSetup on a server with the schema master role. But if you don't have a DC that is running 32 bit Windows available, your best choice is to try running ADSchemaSetup on the Unity server.




Thanks for your help on this but I found the issue.

Remote registry was not enabled on the AD DC. Once enabled the setup ran successfully with no errors.

It's a shame it didn't show this in any of the logs.