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UnityCXN 8.5 - Inbound calls get brief MOH before Call Handler answers

Here's the call-flow.

Inbound call to a DID (973624XXXX) received by CUCM.

CUCM  has a CTI RP with the XXXX extention configured.  This CTI RP is set to CFA to Voicemail.

UnityCXN receives the call.  Matches the CallHandler with the XXXX extention.  This CH has a schedule that (OPEN) transfers to an internal EXT answered by a hunt group in reception or (CLOSED) forwards to another CH that is the Main AutoAttendant.

THe calling party hears about 1/2 a second of hold music BEFORE the call is answered and routed by UnityCXN to the reception phon, then they get ringback tone, then answered.  The call is then answered normally.

Why am I hearing MOH?  This should be a straight PSTN > CUCM > UnityCXN CH > Reception:

Here is the trace:

02:37:13, New Call, CalledId=2380,  RedirectingId=2380,  Origin=16,  Reason=8,  CallGuid=4BA413A437ED4D6CBCE377E39AEFCA95,  CallerName=Phone Help Desk,  LastRedirectingId=2380,  LastRedirectingReason=8,  PortDisplayName=CUCM-SK-1-002,[Origin=Unknown],[Reason=Forward Unconditional]

02:37:13, AttemptForward

02:37:13, State - AttemptForward.cde!Dummy

02:37:13, Event is [NULL]

02:37:13, PHTransfer

02:37:13, State - PHTransfer.cde!LoadInfo

02:37:13, Event is [TrueEvent]

02:37:13, PHGreeting

02:37:13, State - PHGreeting.cde!PlayGreeting

02:37:13, Call answered if needed

02:37:14, Playing greeting for Call Handler:  Fedway Main - 19736246XXX

02:37:14, No DTMF received

02:37:14, Event is [NULL]

02:37:14, PHTransfer

02:37:14, State - PHTransfer.cde!LoadInfo

02:37:14, Answer Phone if needed

02:37:14, Event is [FalseEvent]

02:37:14, State - PHTransfer.cde!CheckPlayTransferIntro

02:37:14, Event is [FalseEvent]

02:37:14, State - PHTransfer.cde!XferCall

02:37:14, Event is [HangupEvent]

02:37:15, State - PHTransfer.cde!DoHangUp

02:37:15, Event is [HangupEvent]

02:37:15, Idle

What am I missing?  It's like it's being put on hold before it transfers.  All greetings are blank.  All transfer rules are relase to switch and play no greetings.  MOH is set for NONE on the CTI RP & the line. 


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Re: UnityCXN 8.5 - Inbound calls get brief MOH before Call Handl


UCXN> Call Handler (MainNumTOD_Routing) > Checks Schedule:

     Standard:  Blank Greeting, Send to CH "TxToReception"

          "TxToReception" Transfer Settings, dial EXT, release to switch, do not play "wait while I transfer your call"

     Closed:  Sent to CH Main AA

The call answers, gets put on hold, then transfers to intended hunt pilot. 

Here's the GOAL:

Inbound call to a DID gets answered either by the Hunt Group between 845am and 5pm and routed to the UnityCXN AA from 5pm to 845am.  I just don't want there to be a noticable delay in the process from the perspective of the outside caller.  As it stands right now every caller get's 1/2 a second of hold music and is then connected to the HuntGroup.


Re: UnityCXN 8.5 - Inbound calls get brief MOH before Call Handl


So, officially speaking, CUCM & UCXN treats this as a transfer and so it will place the call on hold to make the connection.  You can disable MOH as referenced in other posts here, but the better way to do this is to go through the process of setting up Time Of Day routing in CUCM and allow CM to route the call. 

This conclusion comes after banging my head against the wall for a while last night.

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