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Brad Martin

Verint recording failing on new sip phones

We are using old-school Verint recording system (uses CiscoTSP.exe client on server and Application user with control of phones). We were running Callmanager version 9.1.2 with Cisco 7961 phones. We upgraded to callmanager 10.5.2 and got the recording working again with a TAPI client update on the Verint server. Recently we switched that group to 8861 sip phones and the recordings are failing. Not sure if I need to do something different because of the sip phones.

Has anybody seen this issue or have any ideas of what to try?


Mr Thura

Hi Brad Martin,


Did you get any solution for this issue? I am also facing similar issue with Cisco 7841 IP Phone recording with Verint V5 SP2 HFR2. I've already posted in this discussion for my issue as well. If you have any idea or suggestion, please kindly suggest me.

My Issue:


Thank You.

Sorry, no resolution. We're working on moving them to a different recording platform.

Hi Brad Martin,


Sorry to disturb. Did you encounter before like "Port Unreachable" in wireshark when capture from Verint Recording Server side whether UDP/RTP come to recording or not? 

I am facing this problem and Recorder send back to Cisco IP phone with ICMP as Port Unreachable.


Thank you



Can you please share how you fixed this issue ?

Hi Mohammed,

The Cisco Unified TAPI Developer Guide for CUCM versions 10.5 and 11.0 does not list 88XX phone models as CTI supported

However the Devnet site does

You may need to check with Verint if they are supporting 88XX phone models with their solution.


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Thanks for the reply, we resolved the issue by checking MTP required in the SIP trunk to the Verint.

Disable Windows Firewall service on the server, in my case it solved the problem.

P: Just fixed an icmp port unreachable causing poor recording quality issue. Thanks for sharing here.

Also, check if UDP ports designated for Verint are listening. If not, try to change the Network adapter mode to 'Delivery' if the current mode is e.g. 'HighCapacityDelivery' and reboot the server. If you see in Windows logs that no RTP packets are received then restart the process IPCaptureEngine.exe.

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