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VG30D reliability?

We have deployed a number of VG30D’s across a small number of our customers that used to use the westell devices. Since we have done this we have seen a marked increase in failures of these devices, and since we have only replaced these devices for supportability and the customers had never had a failure with the westell devices they are now starting to get concerned. One customer has had over 5 replacements in under a year of operation. The failures are normally complete down and no amount of power cycling it brings them back up, but we have had other failures. Anyone from Cisco want to comment on this or has anyone else seen this trend?

Cisco Employee

There was a problem with the power supply units in Cisco VG30D units which were identical, except cosmetically, to Westell IiQ3000 units.  The power supply units would fail after some time in service. The problem has been corrected and does not affect currently shipping VG30D units.  Failed VG30D units should be RMA'd for replacement.

Hi James, thanks for this, we have had a lot of failures though in one customer we have replace the VG3)0D at least 3 times in the last year, the Westell IQ2000+ that it replaced was never touched since it went in.

I will contiune to RMA these devices as they fail.

I am not familiar with the Westell IiQ2000, but the problematic Cisco VG30D units were assembled by the same manufacturer from the same components as the Westell IiQ3000, and would have encountered the same problem if manufacture of Westell-branded units had continued.

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