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Alan Brown

Visual Voicemail on iPhone not Authenticating

Currently using Jabber for Windows, iPhone and MAC.  Can make and recieve calls but unable to get Visual Voicemail working on any of the devicesor clients.  Fails authentication, I have opened ports 143/7993 to allow IMAP, but no luck.  Wierd that it works fine with Droid over port 443.

From what I understand we are using a Hybrid WebEx config where we have cloud based WebEx solution which is providing our Presence.

Question: What server is the Jabber Client/App authenticating to, CUC or WebEx? 

CUCM 8.6.2

CUC 8.6.2

Win Jabber 9.1.0

iPhone 9.0.2

MAC 8.5?


Hi Alan

Voicemail comes direct from your voicemail system - so CUC in your case (assuming you mean Unity Connection?).

You need to enable the option for 'enable access from unified clients' on the CoS assigned to the users. The connection is IMAP directly from the client app, and uses the user ID and web applciation password set up on CUC.

Obviously your voicemail profile in CUPS needs to specify the CUC server as the store.


Aaron Harrison

Principal Engineer at Logicalis UK

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Thanks for responding, I have enabled the IMAP access in unity connection COS.  We do not have CUPS server, we are using cloud based webex server for presence.  We have setup the voicemail parameters on the webex server but still not authenticating to CUC successfully.

I was under the impression in a Hybrid deployment the Jabber client would authenticate directly to the CUC server for visual voicemail.  Does the presence affect authentication between Jabber client and Unity Connection?

Hi Alan

That's correct, auth will be against CUC. My reference to CUPS was a slip...

The iPhone client is basically a softphone and doesn't connect to CUPS or cloud IM services. It requires configuration of the voicemail server in the 'Product Specification' settings in CUCM on the device configuration page (the 'Voicemail Server' and 'Voicemail User' settings).

Typically the best way to configure it is specify all the required usernames in the device configuration page, all the required servers etc, and leave the passwords blank. If you then set 'End User Configuration Editing' to disabled, the settings will be downloaded to the iPhone and the user will only be able to enter their passwords and not 'break' other settings.



Aaron Please remember to rate helpful posts to identify useful responses, and mark 'Answered' if appropriate!

Aaron, turns out there are two bugs CSCty05524, CSCtt21713 in CUC 8.6 affecting SELinux Security and LDAP authentication for IMAP clients/Apps.  To test and verify I had to set the following SELinux Security to permissive mode from a CLI prompt.  Once that was done my Windows Jabber client, iPhone and MAC client authenticated and Visual Voicemail started working.

'utils os secure permissive'

The bugs are supposedly fixed in 8.6.2 (SU1).  We are considering upgrading to 8.6.2(SU2) since it is the latest but are going to do some checking around to make sure there are no problems with SU2 first.

Hi Alan

That's interesting... good to know.



Aaron Please remember to rate helpful posts to identify useful responses, and mark 'Answered' if appropriate!
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