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VMO 4.0.4 will not install on Outlook 2003

We are trying to install VMO 4.0.4 on a workstation with Outlook 2003, Windows 2000 SP4, IE6 SP1, and Office 97 SP2. We are getting an error that this version of Outlook is not supported even though the matrix states that it is. In a previous post, it says to check the vmoInstLog.txt for the value of the OutlookVersion. The value we get is 0000. The log file is attached to this posting. Suggestions, please?


For some reason, VMO is detecting your Outlook version as 0000, we expect it to be > 8500 as mentioned in the other post. Could you try the other steps in that post to check the version on outlook.exe?

We did test number 1 and test number 2. That's how we came up with the log file that we sent you. I see no mention in the other post on how to correct this. Could you provide the solution, please?

Believe me, if we knew the solution we wouldn't be asking so many questions :)

We first need to figure out it is Outlook that is indicating a wrong version or if it is VMO that is not detecting the version correctly. The log file that you gathered has nothing to do with test 2 in the other post; test 2 says how you can manually find out the Outlook version:

(from other post:)

3- Go to the version tab it should show a file version and a product version

This is the version I would like to find out.

The version number in log file you gathered by running msiexec is something VMO detected programatically. From your log file, we know that VMO

thinks the version is 0000, which is not correct. But, VMO gets this from Outlook. The answer to step 3 above may give us a clue.

Are you sure there is no other version of Outlook on your PC? Outlook express or some older version?

This was a clean install. Brand new laptop. There are no other versions of Outlook on there except this one. From step 3, the version is 11.0.5510.0.

That's odd,

You said you performed test 1, so lets assume the registry settings for that system are ok.

Can you re-check the registry just for kicks logged on as the end-user (not the admin)? Just in case that differs

Can you elaborate on the condition in which the VMO install was performed. By that I mean:

o Was installed from a CD, local copy of the VMO install?

o Was it pushed true a corporate application management system (which one)?

o Was Office 97 and its SP2 applied before installing Outlook 2003, what sequence (if any)?

We do perform VMO with Outlook 2003 testing. But we never add older office installation to the mix. I just want to make sure that's not a "mix and match" case.

The registry entries are the same for both the admin and the user. (The user has local admin rights, by the way).

VMO was installed by a local copy, and NOT pushed out.

Office 97 SP2 is all on one disk and was installed first, but we deselected Outlook because afterwards we installed Outlook 2003. After that, we installed Access 2000 (if that means anything)...

Problem fixed. Ran "Repair" from Office 2003 CD on Outlook only and it's working. Not sure if "Repair" from the Outlook 2003 CD where it was originally installed from would have worked or not. Technician was working on a hunch that the Outlook 2003 installation CD was somehow flaky. If it happens again, we'll try it.

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