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Voice mail not work on cisco jabber

Hello all,


I hope you are doing well,


I have a cucm  11.5 integrated with Im&Presence all work fine but i have a user account with jabber and voicemail , the problem that i have  when i connect that user in cisco jabber desktop i can't use voice mail we can show this in screnshot , username and password are not correct.

Could you help me please !


Best regards 



Accepted Solutions

Finally the problem is resolved , i change the order on message vocal profile primary for CUCM publisher and secondary for CUC subscriber , because i had a problem of replication in CUC.


Thank you for your help.


Best regards 


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Can you explain a little bit more your setup?

Do you use LDAP authentication in CUCM and / or Unity?

Or do you use local end users?

How is your service-profile configured in CUCM? (--> user mgmt --> user settings --> service profile --> credential source for voicemail service)


As the screenshot explains, the username/password that jabber is using to login into voicemail is not correct.

So, in Unity, either there is no user, or the user has a different (local) password set.

Thank you for your reply ,

-Do you use LDAP authentication in CUCM and / or Unity? both  LDAP authentication in CUCM and  LDAP authentication in unity.


-How is your service-profile configured in CUCM?  is configured correctly because it's work with another user.


Best regards 



If both systems have LDAP authentication configured and assuming, the user was synced into CUCM and Unity, then there cannot be username/password mismatch.

Only the user is a local user in Unity. Then you have to set the password manually for that user.


Maybe the user is locked in unity for multiple failed logins or something.


Has the user been synced with LDAP? Or is it a local end user in both or one of the systems?

What does Jabber PRT say?

Thank you for your reply ,


Has the user been synced with LDAP? Or is it a local end user in both or one of the systems? yes , this user is synced from LDAP for both cucm an cuc.

Normaley we put the password not PIN ?




If in CUCM and CUC the users where synced via LDAP, and also LDAP authentication is configured, you are able to login to Jabber (CUCM) but not in CUC? That doesn't make any sense...

Is the user able to login to CUC voicemail page https://<CUC-IP>/inbox?


Have you already checked the PRT?


Can you make a screenshot of the user in CUCM and CUC?

Also send a screenshot of the service profile in CUCM.

Also please check the settings in Jabber --> Settings --> Accounts --> Voicemail --> Server Settings


What do you mean with "Normaley we put the password not PIN ?"

I loging jabber to IM & Presence not CUC.

All ather users work fine with VM in jabber just one user .

What do you mean with "Normaley we put the password not PIN ?" i mean the password with LDAP not pin with numbers.


I loging jabber to IM & Presence not CUC. --> And still, Jabber is automatically trying to login to CUC, since you have set up the voicemail integration in Jabber...


Have you tried to login with that user in the /inbox site as instructed? If the user is not able to login to this site, he won't be able to login via voicemail service in Jabber either!!

What about the other questions I asked?


I don't know, what you want me to say with the PIN stuff. I didn't say anything about a PIN before...


People here are trying to help on a voluntary basis and spending their own time.

The least that those people expect, is that the questions asked and instructions given are answered. If not, it's just time wasting...

No one mentioned PIN, why did you bring this up? Please follow the suggestions given. They where suggested for a reason.

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Thank you for your reply ,

Just i would like to know  normally we put password  in voicemail with cisco jabber or PIN .

Best regards 



In the voicemail service in Jabber, you need to put the user's password.

Maren Mahoney
VIP Advocate

If I understand the thread correctly: a working user and a non-working user both have the same UC Service Profile in CUCM; working user and the non-working user are both LDAP-integrated/authenticated in both CUCM and CUC; and both users are able to log into Jabber itself successfully. Are these correct?

Another thing to check is the Class of Service in Unity Connection. A user must be enabled for IMAP in the Class of Service in Unity Connection for the voicemail tab in Jabber to work. Please check that.


Hey @Maren Mahoney,


for the Jabber integration, you don't need IMAP in the Class of Service activated.


The things, that need to be activated are:

  • In the Class of Service:
    • Allow Users to Use Web Inbox and RSS Feeds
    • Allow Users to Use Unified Client to Access Voice Mail
  • Under System settings --> advanced --> api settings:
    • Allow Access to Secure Message Recordings through CUMI
    • The other 2 points should be checked already


Check out this document:



Hi , @ Maren Mahoney i activated this things but stil no change , Voice mail tab not displaying in my cisco jabber .


Best regards


Hello thank you for your reply,


Yes its correct.


I checked the Class of service in unity connection : for allow users to access VM using an IMAP Client


Best regards

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