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Voicemail access issue when migrated to new Domino server

At the current time we have one Domino v7.0.4 server (Win2k with DUC v1.2.3) in production and our clients are running Notes v7.0.4 client with DUC v.1.2.3 installed on them. This setup has been working great in our Unity v5.0(1) environment. We are looking to migrate our users to a newly installed Domino v8.5.1 (Win 2008 x32 DUC v1.2.5) server in the near future but out test users are running into a problem.

When a user gets migrated over to our new Domino server the client can no longer access their voicemail via TUI.  During the user migration process we do change the pointer in Unity to their mail file on the new Domino server. When the user logs in they receive "Your messages are available now"

If we migrate the user back to the old v7.0.4 server they can access their voice mail with no issues.

Any feedback you could provide would be great. Thanks!

Patrick Hayes
Cisco Employee

Hi Kenneth,

Could you clarify what you mean by "During the user migration process we do change the pointer in Unity to their mail file on the new Domino server"? Typically when moving a user's mail file to a new Domino server, Unity should automatically pick up those changes. Are you pehaps creating a new mail file and pointing Domino to it instead of moving it? If that is the case, the new mail file would not have been DUCS enabled, a process it must go through before Unity will be able to access it properly. The only way to force that to happen would be to reimport the user into Unity. If the mail file is properly migrated, however, the mail file should remain DUCS enabled and there would be no need for this.

An easy way to determine whether the user is DUCS enabled is using the DUT tool. It is located on the Unity server under \Commserver\Utilities\Domino\DUT. It will show you a list of all of your users. Compare the values you see in the UCProfile section for a working / non-migrated user to a failing one. You might also want to verify that it lists the updated mail server and mail file for the user.

Also, while I don't think it would cause this particular problem, you should be aware that Server 2008 is not currently a supported platform for DUCS/CsServer 1.2.5, see page 6 in the admin guide:

Hope this helps,


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