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Todd Volz

Webex connect and CUPS on premise

We have a group of users that needed to collaborate with an external client with WebEx connect and now we are deploying CUPS internally for all users with external federation.  The problem is that WebEx connect users can't be deleted and thus I can not communicate with anyone that uses WebEx connect from our on premise solution (internal or external users).  Are there any options for me or do I have to get our entire WebEx Connect domain removed to be able to federate between my on premise CUPS server and WebEx?


Todd Volz

I have gotten an answer (I guess) from WebEx and from our local Cisco vendor that it is not supported to have WebEx Connect federated with any on-premise CUPS servers.  My vendor has found that the clients that they have that they communicate with via WebEx Connect are also on WebEx Connect so they haven't been able to tell me if it is possible or not.

So an updated question:  Has anyone with CUPS on premise been able to communicate with your Cisco account team via XMPP federation (afaik Cisco as a company uses WebEx Connect)?

Personally I find this annoying as although they both speak XMPP externally, WebEx Connect and Cisco CUPS don't support each other.  Guess that is a plus for using the Microsoft solution as it does federate on-premise to their cloud solution.


hi Todd,

Federation between CUP and Webex Messenger is supported for business-to-business, e.g. inter-domain federation. A CUP user can communicate with any user on Webex Messenger that is in a different domain. For more information on this please see the CUP documentation on , the inter-domain federation guide.


From what I have read and found you are correct, as long as your domain is not configured in the WebEx Connect system.

As we have rolled Jabber via CUPS out company wide, I now need to try and find a time to delete our domain from WebEx Connect and hope that it works.... I'm told that there is a 2 week SLA to get a domain added into WebEx Connect, so we may be out of contact with our client via IM for 2 weeks if it doesn't work...

Tony Underwood

We're in a similar boat.  We used Webex Connect as a company and are migrating to CUPS internal with the same domain.  In my case I am canceling the Webex Connect service so hopefully it will free up our domain for standard XMPP federation, but the Webex team is telling me it will stay active until our next billing cycle (in 30 days).

I've asked them to escalate the disconnect or at least change our domain to something bogus in the Webex Connect cloud so we're not down for a month federating to Cisco.

Todd, have you been able to get your domain deleted from Webex Connect yet?

I haven't even started this process yet.  Let me know how it goes.

In order for your domain to be 'released' from the Cisco WebEx Messenger (Connect) service, it needs to be removed from our WebEx DNS.

If deactivation was requested, the domain will be taken out of service, as expected, but not 'released' or deleted from DNS for a period of time, or especially if a contract is in place.  Reason being is that once a domain is deleted, it cannot be reactivated without a new contract.  If it is a contractual period of time you are looking at, that is one thing that needs to be addressed, which frankly I am not quite sure how that works. 

Bottom line is that if you are not getting the answers you need and your request is reasonable (contracts aside) please contact your Cisco representative or myself directly and I will see how I can address your needs.  If you do contact me, please include the domain in question and your Cisco contact.

Thank you for your continued business.



I am looking for any updates on WebEX Messenger support of same domain CUPS federation.  Is this possible yet?  What if the domains are and  ?  Can that be done?

I know this is an old post but I am not finding much

help?  Maureen Vild Can you help point me in the right direction?

hi Joshua,

Same domain federation is not currently available between CUP and WebEx Messenger. The federation can be achieved via using different sub domains as shown in your example.


Hello Maureen and All,

Old thread, however I am having trouble requesting removal of my Webex Messenger domain which is breaking our ability to utilize Mobile Remote Access with Cisco Expressway externally.

We cannot login to WebEx to create a support ticket (our account does not work)

Cisco TAC points me towards WebEx for support.

I'm stuck in a loop

Can anyone provide me a support number or email for WebEx?




My apologies for the delay in responding to your post. Here is the link to WebEx support.

Support Tools and Resources | WebEx

They should be able to help you with your issue.

Kelli Glass

Moderator for Cisco Customer Communities

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