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Where does Unity reference it's exchange server

Had a situation today where voice mails that originated from the PSTN failed to be delivered so they were held in the UnityMTA folder; internal voice mails were being delivered just fine.  We have two exchange 2007 servers one of which will be taken offline one day.  All mail stores, mail boxes and accounts have been moved from the old to the new server and GUSI shows the correct exchange server as the partner server.  We had an issue with DNS and stumbled upon that Unity could not ping the old mail server by name and we have since fixed that voice mails are being delivered fine whether coming from the PSTN or internally.

However, I need to know where Unity is still referencing the old mail server and change that so it references the new one and only the new one.  The account it uses to send PSTN mail is on the new server, GUSI show that it's partner server is the new one and the event application logs shows mail box syncronization to the new exchange server too.  Is this referenced in the registry somewhere, do we have to run one of the wizards (Permissions or Mail Store config) or is it somewhere else?


I would take a look at CUDLE in the Unity Tools Depot.  It will show you all of the SQL tables and the contents.  You will likely find where references are made to the "old" server and, if needed, you can harmlessly run SQL queries to get the data you need.  If you know where it's at in SQL (my assumption is that data is contained there somewhere) then you could then delete the applicable rows - just make sure you get a backup first in case you start having problems and need to revert back.


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as an aside, CUDLE has a search function for just such a task - under the File menu you'll find "Find value in current DB tables" - put in

any string and CUDLE will plow through every column in every row in every table to find any reference to that full or partial string.  Can be handy for such things...



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