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Which forum for Cisco Unified CM?


We have Cisco Unified CM for our company's telephones.  The detail is shown in the image below.



I would like to know if this is the correct forum to posts questions about this system.  Thanks in advance.


Gregory Brunn

Here or IP Telephony would work.  What is your question?

For the time being, I have a few questions.  I can separate them in individual threads if needed:

1. An old one that I posted at more than a year ago but it was never answered.

2. Where can I download the latest version of Cisco Jabber?

3. About scripting if this is possible.  I mean, when I set up things, I have to go through the web interface, clicking here and clicking there.  I would like to know if I can use command line to configure instead but in some situation, this is in fact faster than GUI.

4. Sort of related to #3.  Some users need to enable "redirection" after office hour.  Right now, they have to use Cisco Jabber and click-click-click to enable it.  And the next morning, they have to click-click-click to disable it again.  Is it possible to do some scripting to accomplish this?



1) I replied to your older post


3) No, CUCM/CUC/UCCX/etc all are GUI administrated. However, if you are into API and programming type of stuff, then all of them expose administrative access to you via API. Else, you can invest in a application like PCP which will help automated the day-to-day operations like onboarding new users.

4) If you setup Single number Reach based on a time schedule, then it will "forward" calls to the user's destination of their choosing automatically. Otherwise, yeah, get into those APIs my man.

1) Thank you :)

2) I tried several times but I always get "Connection timed out" error

3 & 4) I looked up PCP in Google but didn't get any meaningful result.  Could you give me a bit more hint?  And what is "Single number Reach"?  Is there any working examples that I could copy?



PCP = Prime Collaboration Provisioning


SNR Single Number Reach

This link is pretty thorough

@jason-mcgee wrote:

PCP = Prime Collaboration Provisioning

I found this:

Is that it?  Is it something we have to buy to use or is it free of charge?  I don't think I have it, but how can I check if it's installed or not by our subcontractor?


SNR Single Number Reach

This link is pretty thorough


@jason-mcgee wrote:

SNR Single Number Reach

This link is pretty thorough

I just tried this SNR and it's working.  Thanks. :)

Oh huh, they added /home to the end recently.

@Anthony Holloway wrote:
Oh huh, they added /home to the end recently.

This link works.  But it's displayed that I need "service contract" to download the software.  We have bought the license to use the system and licenses for our users.  And we need additional contract/licenses to download update version of Jabber because there are bugs in old versions?  Come on!  Are they kidding?



Cisco probably just doesn't know your Cisco login ID should be associated to your contract number. I would suggest you first obtain your contract number, and then call TAC at 1-800-553-2447 and ask to have the contract associated to your login ID.
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