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Jeffrey Foster
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

We are pleased to announce the release of C-Series Standalone IMC (Integrated Management Controller) Software 3.0(1c), which is now available for download on The team has been hard at work on a portfolio of new and innovative features that have been bundled into this release. Key features packaged in this release include:

  • HTML5 WebUI (for M4 Servers): The WebUI has been updated eliminating dependencies on flash and providing an updated user interface and exeperience.
  • HTML5 vKVM (for M4 Servers): A new alternative to the Java vKVM, the new HTML5 vKVM provides remote console connectivity with enhanced functionality including chat, embedded server power controls and screen capture capabilities.
  • XML API Transaction Support: Building on top of the existing XML API, this release will introduce a new method (configConfMos) for these systems that will allow users to make multiple configuration changes in a single transaction. This will improve efficiency of the API while not sacrificing functionality.
  • Redfish Support: These systems will also introduce support for Redfish, a DMTF standard. Support for this new standards-based API will extend the programmatic capabilities of these systems which adheres to v1.01 of the specification delivering capabilities including inventory queries and power control.
  • Multi-Language Support: These systems deliver localized language support in the WebUI with support for Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish.

This release includes a number of other important features including:

· BIOS profiles (One-Touch Configuration)

· One click hardware inventory collection

· Cisco IMC asset tag configuration

· One-time boot (supports precision boot devices)

· Local / LDAP user search priority

· Power-on password

· Cisco IMC IP whitelisting

· Smart SSD data reporting

IMC Utilities Update Features:

· Separation of Server Configuration Utility (Separate Diagnostics & Deployment Tools)

· Driver Update Utility (Linux)

Platform Availability

Cisco C-Series Standalone IMC Software version 3.0(1c) is available for the following platforms:

· Cisco UCS C220 M4

· Cisco UCS C240 M4

· Cisco UCS C460 M4

· Cisco C3160

· Cisco C3260

· Cisco UCS C220 M3

· Cisco UCS C240 M3

· Cisco UCS C22 M3

· Cisco UCS C24 M3

Additional Information

Key information for Cisco C-Series Standalone IMC Software includes:

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