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Upgrade to CIMC 3.04J, and now F6 doesn't work to select boot device

Upgraded a C240-M3S from 2.03 to 3.04J.  Now I cannot hit F6 and select the boot device anymore.  It flashes past it.  There is a new field on the option for Boot Option and it has a single option NO OVERRIDE.     I'm missing something here.  I canno...

Resolved! Cimc error

HI all, I have the following error Error: The current operation failed. CIMC may be running any critical operation or in an error state. Retry after sometime or reboot CIMC if necessaryI would like to know if I can restart and how, the CIMC only with...

VIC 1225 connection issues

Hi all, I am having issues connecting a VIC1225 to our network, we were advised by our Cisco rep to purchase these as we required 10gb connection to our san/network. My network is a follows -   UCS C240 M4 SFF (Card 1) -> C3850 -> VNXe SAN UCS C240 M...

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