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native VLAN 1

I'm in the process of setting up UCS.  The default native vlan has a vlan ID of 1 in UCS.  Our native vlan is 1000.  So I setup a new vlan with the vlan ID of 1000 and set it as the natvie VLAN.  I cannot delete the VLAN default (1) even though it is...

Resolved! Physically move a Blade server to another Slot - Best practise?

Hi,Does anyone have a best practise for moving a physical Blade to another slot ?  I cannot seem to find a document about this.We want to move a blade to another slot due to keeping similar environments grouped together but do not want to disassociat...

Migrating local domain resource pool to global resource pool

I've seen once a paper (maybe best practise for Cisco Central), how to migrate a local domain resource pool (eg. mac) to a global Cisco Central resource pool, in a non disruptive fashion. Use case: customer would like to use global service profiles. ...

Walter Dey by Advocate
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Resolved! No operational members and UCS vPC

I am getting the following error message when trying to configure a vPC from a set of 6248 FIs to a set of N5Ks. Lacp and vpc are enabled on the 5ks."No operational members"sho vpc brLegend:                (*) - local vPC is down, forwarding via vPC ...