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BIOS update package for UCS C220M3 - Where to download from?



I have a UCS 220M3 server where running ucs-c220-huu-3.0.1c.iso update-all corrupted my bios. Now it's unable to boot and asking me to recover using recovery.cap file on an USB flash stick root folder. I can't seem to find that file anywhere on the site. Can someone please point me to it?

I found following document as an instruction for the recovery however it doesn't tell me where to download the BIOS update package.

On download page for UCS 220M3, I see following options and the BIOS update utility is not an option. Neither it seems to be embedded inside any other ISO files. Please help.

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Decryption will fail when openssl1.1 is installed on the system.

The default hash used by openssl enc for password-based key derivation changed in 1.1.0 to SHA256 versus MD5 in lower versions.


You could try to put an old version of openssl in your path (not tested but should work)


Manually extract the files


Mount the iso, copy the firmware.squashfs.enc 

Decipher the file:(the password cannot be posted here)

openssl enc -aes-256-cbc -md md5 -d -in firmware.squashfs.enc  -out firmware.squashfs -k "<some password>"

Mount the squafs filesystem:

mount -oro,loop firmware.squashfs /mnt/

Browse the filesystem

ls /mnt/
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i have the same problem. Wehre can I geht the password of the Firmware.squash.enc?

Kind regards 


Just to check if we found a solution to extract the cimc bin file

Hi Uwe,


I was able the run the getfw cli on a Rhel7.3 with openssl ver 1:1.0.1e


Best of Luck,


More than a year later and the answer is still no.

I got getfw running using an old Debian 7.0 version using OpenSSL 1.0.1t.


However, this does not give me the LSI firmware that I need. 


What is the way to extract that firmware? Any chance to post that password in a PM ?

Alright - when you run getfw and use 'killall getfw' immediately, the decrypted squashfs file is still on the disk:


In that moment, you can mount this image as mentioned by olivier.nicolas and have access to the firmware.

Hi, any luck getting the Cisco version of the LSI firmware?



Cisco won’t release / bless it but you can dl it from LSI and install it yourself

Hi, is the password in the MD5 file?



Oleg Barkov
But why all this suffering? Can't CISCO just give us the updated BIOS and CIMC FILES, not a disk image? The disk image can only be used after the complete shutdown of the server and everything what is on it. It is rediculous. CIMS simply has a bug that cause it to hang up so it could be working again only after the POWER is OFF and on again. However, CIMS interface has an option to update both BIOS and IMC from files, so then it is the CIMC only that has to reboot. Why don't we get just those files? The problem gives people a lot of pain.
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