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Cisco C240 M3 - PCI-e USB Expansion Card Assistance


Good day,

I'm stuck in a bit of a pickle in the sense that I've recently purchases this PCI-e USB expansion card ( but yet I'm struggling to get this thing going.

I can see the PCI-e card within the bios, but when I plug something like a mouse/keyboard into the USB slot nothing seems to work (see attached image - ignore the other PCI-e device, thats my SATA adapter card which I've onboarded 2 SSD drives on the card to try and use them as a cache).

The PCI-e card has a molex power adapter on the rear of the card, I'm not sure if it needs power to this card to function correctly?

If so, I'm struggling to find power from the mobo to feed this card. The only spare power slot I can see is for the GPU adapter (which I currently don't have, but was thinking about getting the K40 GPU card in the near future for all my CCTV Object detection stuff.


Has anyone got any experience with this? Is there something I'm missing in order to get the card functioning?


Cheers all,

Brad Cooper

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