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Cisco Nexus 5596UP with FC ports + HP StoreVirtual 4730FC : Compatibility ?


Good Morning,

My customer is running Cisco Nexus 5596UP with some FC ports.

He would like to connect a new HP StoreVirtual 4730FC to the existing Nexus 5596UP in native FC mode.

Officially, Cisco Nexus 5596UP is not supported by HP StoreVirtual 4730FC (see HP FC SAN Compatibility Matrix).

I don't see as well the Storevirtual 4730FC in the Cisco Storage Compatibility Matrix...

Can we connect the StoreVirtual 4730FC with the Cisco Nexus 5596UP?

What about the support?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.


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I have just tried: In the moment it is not working.

The SAN does not see the initiators, which it should autodiscover while creating hosts in the HP StoreVirtual Centralized Management Console.

The SANs themself seem to be not seeing each other.

The SAN does not have FC configuration options.

It is visible to the Nexus in "show fcns da" as "scsi-fcp:target".

Perhaps the is some configuration option to make that work even if not officially supported, I am still on the troubleshooting guide...


- do you have a dual fabric (2 N5k ?)

- what do mean by ...san does not have fc configurations options....

- did you create vsan's (different for fabric a and b) and put the FC ports connecting the storage to this VSAN's

- connect the storage (target), and check "show flogi database"

- same with your hosts (= initiators)

- once you see the flogi of initator and target, you have to do the zoning

So this will not answer the original question of support and the compatibility matrices, but it is working for me now.

In my case it was a zoning problem, I turned the whole thing off "zone default-zone permit vsan 500-501" and it works.

The whole setup is single fabric, just for a bit of testing and allow test engines into multiple boot.

It is 2x4730FC connected to a single Nexus 5548 converting FC into FCoE.

Initiators are Dell/Broadcom, one running ESXi (no mods), the other CentOS 5  with the brand new runtime FCoE "yum install fcoe".

In the moment the Nexus has a "fcid-allocation area company-id 0x000eb3" for the HP, but this is probably not necessary.

Here is how it looks (vsan 500 just interconnects the 4730FC, vsan 501 does the same but also has the vfc interfaces in it):

# show fcns da

VSAN 500:
FCID        TYPE  PWWN                    (VENDOR)        FC4-TYPE:FEATURE
0x690000    N     20:21:00:0e:b3:86:9d:27                 scsi-fcp:target
0x690100    N     20:11:00:0e:b3:86:9d:27                 scsi-fcp:target

Total number of entries = 2

VSAN 501:
FCID        TYPE  PWWN                    (VENDOR)        FC4-TYPE:FEATURE
0xd30000    N     20:01:00:0a:f7:41:5e:13 (Broadcom)      scsi-fcp:init fc-gs
0xd30002    N     20:01:00:0a:f7:41:81:23 (Broadcom)      scsi-fcp:init fc-gs
0xd30003    N     20:01:00:0a:f7:41:5e:11 (Broadcom)      scsi-fcp:init fc-gs
0xd30020    N     20:01:00:0a:f7:41:81:21 (Broadcom)      scsi-fcp:init fc-gs
0xd30100    N     20:20:00:0e:b3:86:9d:27                 scsi-fcp:target
0xd30200    N     20:10:00:0e:b3:86:9d:27                 scsi-fcp:target

Total number of entries = 6

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