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FI6332 FC port to connect MDS9148 FC port

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Hi Team,


We have 2 units of UCS-FI-6332 (UCS 6332 IRU Fabric Interconnect/32 QSFP+ports/8p Lic) and MDS 9148. We are trying to configure FI interface as a FC port to connect with MDS but we are unable to configure FI port as a FC port. I think i am missing something in the configuration that enables FC port in the FI. Or is there a way to configure FCoE in the MDS?


Thank you

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Walter Dey
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

I hope you have a UCS-FI-6332-16UP because UCS-FI-6332  (Does not support Unified Ports) !

see eg.

Unified Ports for Fibre Channel

Unified Port are numbered 1/1-16 on the 6332-16UP. Fibre Channel port modes must be configured such that the last FC port occupies port id 6,12, or 16.This results in a minimum of six FC ports and a maximum of sixteen.


MDS doesn't support FCoE only classical FC !

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