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My C220M Management port is not working

Muhammad Irfan

Hi Experts.

I have three UCS C220 servers, out of three one server dedicated management ethernet port is giving very strange behaviour. It is working with one or two Cisco switches and not working working with any other switch, even with the laptop, if I connect my laptop directly with the server.

Same cable with same switch is working on other two ports but only mgmt ethernet port is not working.

Any one face this issue.


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Zaira Vega
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Have you double checked the CIMC configuration to make sure it is set to Dedicated?

Did you define a VLAN on the CIMC config?

Yes it is dedicated, no VLAN is defined. Same cable, same configuration is working for other two switches. redundancy is also set to none.

Manuel Velasco
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Muhammad

Also make sure redundancy is set to none.



What version of CIMC are you running?  What are the switch types?  It is possibly a duplex/speed issue.  There are settings for the CIMC speed/duplex with the latest version of CIMC.  Try F8 and test different settings to see if this clears up the issue.

Steve McQuerry

UCS - Technical Marketing

Hi Steve,

I am using cisco switch, just updated the lastet firmware which is 1.5.4. Actaully what I notice that when we connect the managemnt port first time to any switch it works, but when we disconnect it and connec to other switch it does not work.

Both switches are not connected to each other. We are testing it in our lab.

But when you restart the server, it start working. I believe there is some cache of switch mac on UCS (which technically should not be) thats why it is not connecting.


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