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Question on setting VLAN on blade

I had an ESXi host on a UCS blade and in that the VLAN 138 was configured right from the ESXi host. I rebuilt the blade as a physical Server 2008 host and the nic in the physical server under properties under Configure does not have the standard VLAN setting where I could set it to 138. I went to the service profile and changed the default vlan to 138 and reset the connectivity but I still cannot connect outside the server.

Update: I do not know what I did but I have one up and running. I guess my question is this. Does the server have to be rebooted if I make a change to a nic card through the profile in order for it to take effect?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello William,

If you are adding / removing VLANs to vNIC from service profile, it does not require reboot of the server.


Hi Padma/William

You might be having an initializing template rather than an updating one. That can be a reason why it might would have required a reboot. I am new to UCS. Tell me if I am wrong.


You are right Tushir, It depends on the template used.

@ William::Well Is it possible for you to Acknowledge ur Chassis?

It might help to solve your problem.,,,,Well its just a try and dont forget that the entire Hardware Config will be re read if you acknowldege ur Chassis.

After building this server as a physcial 2008 server I had no better performance than the ESXi hosted VM's.

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