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UCS 220 M5SX with Intel CNA X550-T2 not seeing FCOE boot option only iSCSI option


I have the UCS C 220 M5SX with CNA X550-T2 card and from the specs FCOE is supported.  When I boot the system up I am only seeing the iSCSI boot option menu and not FCOE option.   What do I need to do in order to get this card configured with the FCOE boot option?  

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Kirk J
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I don't believe that intel card actually has a FC type optionROM that would be required for BFS.

For FC boot from SAN you will want to either use the Cisco VIC cards, or a native FC cards on the spec sheet.




Well this is a CNA card so it can do both LAN/SAN and FCOE is a supported protocol.   

The Cisco Spec sheet just lists it as a NIC.

May be that Cisco doesn't advertise it as CNA if it doesn't have full BFS options, but can do software FCOE once the OS is loaded.


I know on some of the 1Gb cards from Intel, you had to actually run a config util to change the Option rom from PXE to iSCSI, in order to use iSCSI BFS.  Maybe something similar is required for this card.



oh ok...I'll try that and hopefully that works.   It's so hard getting information from Intel.......

The Cisco HCL is fairly clear in regards to this specific adapter, and it's respective capabilities. I have found that just because "OEM" states capabilities of a device, it does not always translate when certified on another "OEM" hardware platform.

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