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UCS B-Series / FC 6120 / MDS 9513: Setting up FI and B-Series in UCSM


We are receiving FC SAN connections from an MDS 9513 we do not own, within the same physical building. We have been given a range of WWNN and WWPN to create pools in UCSM.

I am not a storage manager, nor much of a systems manager, but I know there are more details to set up within UCSM in order to connect a blade to this SAN. I do not know the details within UCSM that have to be specified, order of operations to perform these configurations. Is there a document within Cisco Support or elsewhare to direct me through the process?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Steven,

I believe you have already configured the FC uplink ports on the Fabric Interconnect (FI) and done the physical cabling to your MDS? If not, you need to do that first

++ Create the VSANs as required in the VSAN Tab in UCSM, under SAN  Cloud. Make sure that these VSAN's are defined in the MDS.

Refer to

++ Now You need to decide which ports on the FI you will use for the FC uplink and configure it as FC uplink ports from the UCSM. Make  sure that the FC uplink ports are in same VSAN as the ports in MDS which  connects to FI.

Refer to

Check for the FC Uplink ports to come online. This is important. If this is done then you can go to next steps.

Next thing is that create the WWNN Pool and WWPN Pool under the SAN tab. Refer to

Now you are all set. Next thing is when creating the service profile, under storage tab, create vHBA's as required, use the WWPN pool and WWNN pool that you created. Again make sure that you select the right VSAN for the vHBA's.  Provide these WWPN details to storage admin and request for the LUN's that you need to be allocated and rest will be handled from the storage admin.

If you need more details you can always go to and select the configuration guide, either CLI or GUI according to the UCS version you are running.

Hope this helps.

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