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UCS C240 - Pink screen of death

Jasmine Misal
Level 1
Level 1

On Tuesday we got pink scree of death on our ESXi host. We tried consoling into the host and it rebooted with this pink screen below. Could someone tell me how to figure out whats happened or how to read this? Thanks 


Model: UCSC-C240-M45SX

ESXi 5.5.0

BIOS version: C240M4.3.0.3a.0.0321172111



1 Accepted Solution

Accepted Solutions

Qiese Dides
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Jasmine,


PSODs (Purple Screen of deaths) can always be tricky to troubleshoot. Following these steps can help you get to the correct answer :). At the end of this post I will upload a screenshot of how to read a PSOD.


1) Proper Log Collection


(Gather Screenshot - Which you did). Based on the screenshot we can see the following KB Articles from VMware regarding this, this gives us an idea what PF Exception 14 will do. We will need more information though


* We will need to gather an ESXi log bundle!! (Below is how to do this)


An ESXi log bundle is a .tgz file generated by the automated log collection process

See KB 653 for the log collection process

NO VCENTER LOGS!!!!!!!!!! - VC logs are irrelevant to a crash. All they report is “Host was there and now it’s gone!”


* Once you gather the log bundles and you want to open a case with Cisco or VMware to find the root cause have these answers filled out when opening the case (It will get you a speedy resolution):


How widely spread is the issue? One host? Two? All hosts in the cluster? Only the new hosts?


When did the issue start? Just now, last week, or since install?


How often does this issue occur? Every day? Every week? Just this one time?


Any changes to the host or the environment recently?


Have you already run hardware diagnostics? If so, what was the result?


Was there any specific action that led to the crash or was it just sitting there?