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UCS FI unconfiguring DJL2 on-line and the potential impact

Jim Williams

Hi,  I have a customer that implemented DJL2 for a temporary project and DJL2 was setup correctly by placing the VLANs (via lan uplink mgr) on the appropriate uplinks. The environment is 10 chassis 4.0(4b).


Currently there is only one port channel that is active with all traffic flowing down this, the second old uplinks are not in use and the ports are turned down permanently. I need to decommission this DJL2 config and I have a couple questions.


My plans were, via LAN Uplinks Mgr, to simply remove all the VLANs at once from all the uplinks for both fabric A and B at the same time. Since there is only one port channel all VLAN traffic will flow down this single port channel.


I would expect a brief pause (maybe not) and traffic would flow down the port channel.  Should this be non-disruptive? We are performing this after hrs.







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Wes Austin
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

If the ports to the disjointed network are turned down, then all vEths that used to traverse those uplinks I would expect in an "ENM source pinning failed" state if they still have the VLANs defined that were on those now shutdown uplinks.


When you remove the DJL2 config, you will be adding those VLANs that were once disjointed back to the single port-channel. Then those vEth that are in ENM source pinning failed, should re-pin to the uplinks. No other disruption should occur.


Still good to do it after hours as you outlined, but would not expect any outages. I also have no insight to your topology or how your networking is setup in UCSM, so hard to be definitive either way. You "should" be good.

Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it. 


There is only one old (unused) VLAN that is "pinned" to the old turned down uplink and all the other VLANs are on the single PC that will remain.


I was thinking should I remove each fabric FI DJL2 separately one after the other, testing before moving on to the next FI?  Or just do all at once.  Curious.


No NICs are using the old uplinks and there are no ENM pinning errors present now.



I would just do it all at once. If you have no vNIC using the VLANs in question, I would expect no issues.

Cool.  I'll update this thread after we take care of this later in the week.


I wouldn't expect any issues, but we will see.



I forgot to report back.  Everything went well with this, I removed all VLANs at once (FI-A and B).  No issues.





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