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UCS Manager 3.2 - high contrast color theme?

Level 1
Level 1

This may be a somewhat silly question, but we just upgraded to UCS Manager 3.2 recently and I'm finding it difficult to navigate the interface because the colors appear so washed out. Adjusting my monitor settings only gets me so far and throws off everything else on my desktop, of course.  


Is there any way to change this?  It looks like in previous versions it was something that could be customized using the Options --> Visual Enhancements tab, but at this point the only configurable option on that page is "max history size".


thanks all!

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Evan Mickel
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Checked a few versions, I have not seen anything related to any color correction options currently or in the past.


Best options that you've got would be:

+Install a chrome extension that might let you optimize colors to your preference

+Inverting color scheme on your local machine

+IPS or VA panel monitor maybe?


Personally I run an IPS monitor at work, I am not seeing anything that appears washed out as you say, the UI has definitely evolved since the Java version, but there hasn't been a contrast reduction that I can see.


Either way, I'm filing an enhancement request with our developers to look into providing an option to perhaps invert the color scheme, or setup color profiles.

it's obviously pretty old, but this guide has the option listed:


good idea on the Chrome extension.  I'll give that a shot.  I'd love to be able to get a different set of monitors on my desk but generally I get laughed out of the office when I ask for that sort of thing.  

The High Contrast Chrome extension did the trick!  It's got 6 different quick choices on a drop down from the widget and is customizable up to a point.  


Thanks again!

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