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VIC 1340 Connectivity Design with FEX 2208




I am working on a design and wants to clear a confusion:


VIC 1340 is basically 2 x 40G Ethernet ports. which can be used in different fashions i.e. 2 x 40G or Dual 4 x 10G Eth ports etc. with the combination of port expander. As per specs sheet of 1340 I can use 20Gbps connectivity to each FI (means 2 x 10G connections), in total 40GB (4 x 10G connections) to both FIs.

I think this connectivity formation is valid for FEX-2204 because 2204 has 4 x 40G external ports while 16 x 10G ports internal and if i have dual 2204, then there will be 32 x 10G connections internally (16 from each 2204) which means I can have 4 connections of 10G (virtually) from each VIC 1340. isn't it? Incase I have dual FEX-2208 in chassis, it means I will have 64 internal connections collectively (32 internal from each FEX-2208) and I will be able to utilize full 40 GB from each port (4 x 10G) and I shall ending with total 8x 10G connections from each VIC 1340. Right?


So my question is:  in this scenario if I have 1340 without port expander card and FEX-2208 still i will not be able to use all 4 x 10G Ethernet connections coming from one port. isn't it? and I believe in this scenario FEX-2204 will be equally good as FEX-2208 because i cannot use 4 x 10G without port expander card. 

Please correct my understanding if it is required.


Thanks in Advance.



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Walter Dey
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Check e.g. B200-M4 specification, section Network Connectivity p 58 ff, which answers all your questions:

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