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6120XP to 6248UP swap question...

I have a question with regards to the server port remapping during a 6120 to 6248 Fabric Interconnect swap.  After the FI swap, I plan on migrating two existing chassis IOMs from 2104XPs to 2204XPs.  Once that is complete, I will reduce the total uplinks from 4x to 2x each (40Gbps into the Chassis).  This will be done once existing in production blades are migrated to newly installed Chassis running with 2204XP IOMs.

Does anyone know if I can relocate the existing connected server ports after the 6248 initial swap? 

Currently Chassis 1 leverages ports 1-4.  I plan on reducing that to only ports 1-2 after the IOM swap however want to leave the remaining Chassis connections consecutive.

After I swap the subordinate Fabric Interconnect, can I connect Chassis 1 with ports 1-2 and then 9-10 and NOT have to re-awknowledge the Chassis?

I want to avoid downtime to production systems, so a reawknowledgement of the existing Chassis' are not an option.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi George,

You should be able to use the new ports (after the swap) on the same side of the FI without having to re-ack the chassis since the number of links still remain the same between the FI and the IOM.

However one thing I would like to let you know, with the new hardware the number of vntags allocated to the IOM are calcuated based on the links going to the same carmel asic on the FI. Since ports 1-2 and 9-10 are on seprate asic you will reduce the number of vntags fo rhte IOM.

Here is the command to figure out which all ports are on the same carmle asic:

(nxos)# show hardware internal carmel all-ports

(look at the 'car' number for the asic number)


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