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Advantage Series: C-series Rack-mounted Server Standalone Management


UCS C-Series Standalone Rack-Server Management

RS-2: Server Management without Host Agents

Covers the "theory" of UCS C-series management without the use of UCS-specific host agents running in the OS.

RS-3: Standalone Single-wire Management

Discusses combining management and data on the Virtual Interface Card (VIC) connection in standalone C-Series.

RS-4: Scripting C-Series BIOS

Demonstrates using UCS C-series CIMC scripting to automate BIOS settings in UCS C-series standalone servers.

RS-6: Automating Installation with the Server Configuration Utility

RS-7: Virtualizing Ethernet Adapters in "Classic Ethernet" Mode

Shows the creation of "regular" (static) virtual interfaces on the C-series network Virtual interface Card. These are virtual interfaces that are exposed to the underlying server hardware and OS as if they were physical interfaces.

RS-8: IMC Supervisor

Covers the integrated IMC supervisor software, which allows for management of multiple C-series servers within a proverbial "single pane of glass."

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