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Advantage Videos: UCS Infrastructure


UCS Infrastructure

Infra-3: Integrated Management for Blade and Rack Servers

Covers management of B-series blade servers and C-series rack-mounted servers (connected to fabric interconnect through fexes) in same UCS system with the same UCS manager.

Infra-4: UCS Server Power Grouping and Prioritization

Shows the power grouping configuration and prioritization features in UCS Manager

Infra-5:  UCS Performance Manager

Introduces the (Zenoss) UCS Performance Manager, which is able to monitor and interact with multiple UCS and standalone servers in your data center and manage performance and automatically respond to performance characteristics and other faults and events.

Infra-6: UCS Manager Platform Emulator

Introduces the UCS Manager simulated environment.

Infra-7; CDN and Sandbox

Infra-8: UCS Unified Ports

Covers concepts and management of UCS Unified Ports on second and third generation UCS fabric interconnects. These ports have the flexibility to run both ethernet and standard FC traffic.

Infra-10: Ease of Firmware Management with UCS Auto-Install

Covers firmware management of the UCS infrastructure and UCS-servers through the auto-install feature.

Infra-11: Ease of UCS Infrastructure Setup

Introduces the UCS infrastructure setup.

Infra-12: UCS Power Calculator

Covers the power calculator for UCS.

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