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Are these UCS numbers accurate?

A Cisco UCS 6296UP Fabric Interconnect costs $96,000 each. That includes hardware for 96-ports (the chassis plus 3 expansion modules) but enough licenses to only enable 18 of them.

Each additional license is $2,774 PER PORT. That means 78 x $2,774.

So, a Cisco UCS 6296UP Fabric Interconnect with all the licensing costs over $300,000 each.

Of course this is at list

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Cisco Employee

Are these UCS numbers accurate?

List prices are no way to compare anything. Not sure where you are getting the list prices but any ucs reseller would easily be able to bring these prices out of the stratosphere you have shown. You need to ask for an actual quote.


Are these UCS numbers accurate?

Jeffrey, list prices are important to know, since the TCO is going to be a number that represents discount off list as a percentage. I confirmed with two Cisco NSEs and that number is correct. Actually, each 6296UP with all the necessary licenses is more than $300,000 each.

From my understanding, the 6248UP is $96,000 because it bundles better than the 6296....

Cisco Employee

Re: Are these UCS numbers accurate?

Note that each 16-port module also comes with 8 port licenses, so a fully populated 6296UP actually has 42 port licenses included (18 base + 3 x 8 per module)

It's worth noting that this means that on a 6248UP or 6296UP it's actually cheaper to buy an expansion module and get the 8 included licenses than it is to pay for 6-8 port licences (and you get a 'free' 16 port module...)

In any case it means that it's not $300K for a fully populated 6296UP, even at list price.

If you do have a requirement for a fully populated 6296UP I presume you are running the full 20 chassis and up to 160 blades or rack servers in that one UCS domain.


Re: Are these UCS numbers accurate?

If you see those numbers I really think the the BU should have a closer look at the pricing of the port license. IMHO it is very strange that buying hardware is cheaper than a string of characters.
I would like to see a 2 times 2 port license included with each chassis or a 2 port license per FEX module.

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