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BuiltOnUCS Story: UCS infra For CGI / Manulife contract


Stephane.  Senior Virtualisation Consultant. CGI is one of the biggest IT management  Corp. in the world with over 75K employees  we so far have 160 blades running in 6 different domains and being manage by ucs central. They are mostly VMware hosts and a few SQL clusters and more then 7000 VM's. So this is a cool environment to work with.  well having just one kind of server is a great thing. also server profiles and templates for Vnic/vhbas makes all server deployment a simple task (really a 5 min thing!) and running an hardware environment that you can all see in one place gives great control and confidence. Also since all the interface have the same look and feel finding your way around ucsm is easy to learn and teach. so your up and running in no time.  we are managing this infrastructure with only 4 peoples so that is really great. Without the level of centralisation and performance the Cisco UCS infrastructure gives us we would be double that. removing almost all of the burden of dealing with dissimilar equipment's as drastically reduce our global TCO. 

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