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C200-M2 Qlogic HBA keeps re-sync


I have the following setup

-NetApp Storage

-2 x UCS C200-M2

-Qlogic HBA 4Gbps dual port "QLE2462"

-2 x mds 9124 running 5.0(1a)

The NetApp is stable and and apparently no problems, but one port of each HBA area constantly loosing connectivity, I'm also receiving several OLS and NOS messages

SOERAD-FC-9124-01# sh int fc1/5

fc1/5 is up

    Hardware is Fibre Channel, SFP is short wave laser w/o OFC (SN)

    Port WWN is 20:05:00:05:73:e2:da:00

    Admin port mode is F, trunk mode is on

    snmp link state traps are enabled

    Port mode is F, FCID is 0x100200

    Port vsan is 10

    Speed is 4 Gbps

    Rate mode is dedicated

    Transmit B2B Credit is 3

    Receive B2B Credit is 16

    Receive data field Size is 2112

    Beacon is turned off

    5 minutes input rate 448 bits/sec, 56 bytes/sec, 0 frames/sec

    5 minutes output rate 600 bits/sec, 75 bytes/sec, 1 frames/sec

      2437809 frames input, 3617093236 bytes

        0 discards, 0 errors

        0 CRC,  0 unknown class

        0 too long, 0 too short

      4237464 frames output, 6791197472 bytes

        3 discards, 0 errors

      1022 input OLS, 442 LRR, 108 NOS, 0 loop inits

      562 output OLS, 608 LRR, 939 NOS, 0 loop inits

      16 receive B2B credit remaining

      3 transmit B2B credit remaining

      3 low priority transmit B2B credit remaining

    Interface last changed at Wed Jun 27 04:06:58 2012

And this keep's increasing....

I have replaced the Patch and nothing, could this be a firmware problem ?  I have looked also at bug navigator and nothing close to this....

Should I consider a FW upgrade ? currently I'm running c200.

Kind regards,

Bruno Fernandes

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Cisco Employee

C200-M2 Qlogic HBA keeps re-sync

Just to confirm you've changed all cables and transceivers in the path?


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