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C210 M2 system freezes

Hello Guys & Girls,

I have bought the above server for one of my customers.

Together with the server i have ordered a LSI 9261-8i RAID card and 8 Seagate 500GB Hybrid SATA hard disks and 2 extra 4GB DIMMs.

I have installed everything and i have configured the LSI card in RAID 6. By the way i decided to use the automatic configuration with redundancy.

I have installed windows 2008 R2 standard edition and the system is extremely slow. What do i mean by that.

When i type or i try to move the mouse the system freezes for a few seconds. Then works again. Then freezes, works again, etc.

I have changed the configuration and i configured the LSI in RAID 60. Installed the operating system and same thing again.

I have tried every imaginable RAID configuration and same thing happens.

I sent everything back to CISCO except the hard disks and they told me that there was a problem with the LSI card and the server and they sent me a new one (It took them more than a month to send me a new server and a new LSI card).

As soon as i got them back i installed everything again including the operating system and same thing again.

My client gets really impatient and i dont know what else should i do in order to make the server usable.

I forgot to mention that i have tried to use non hybrid hard disks but same thing happens.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards,


P.S."I would like to thank you in advance."



Do you have an Intel 82576 adapter installed on this server?

If so the following post should help you:

This is basially an issue with the order inbox driver which lead to high CPU utlization and then in turn slow server performance.

Hope this helps!


Hello abbharga,

Thank you very much for your help.

The system now seems to work fine.

I have spent sooooooooooo many hours trying to figure out what was the problem.

It was the only thing that i didnt think about it.

Once again thank you for your help.

Best Regards


Wish I had seen this earlier.  Experienced same issue and lucked into solution when I happened to disable a second adapter.  Updating to latest drivers from Intel resolved the issue for me.

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