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C210 UCS M2 - hard drive type?


We purchased a C210 M2 server from a local web store that is not a Cisco reseller, just sell all kind of electronics.

The server has 16 disk trays and the next step is to buy SATA hard drives but ..

The disk trays/enclosures look to be designed for a special disk that I don't know.

The standard hard drive type that I was hoping to install (like for instance Seagate Constellation 2.5" 7200rpm) will not fit there. Is there any workaround to use such drives?

What is the hard drive type supported on that server?

Can you please give me some information or links to see how the right ones look like?

I appreciate your help

Reza Sharifi
Hall of Fame Expert


Then those are most likely 2.5-inch SAS drives not SATA. You can get either or.

Here is the data sheet.




But the specification cleary says that it supports up to 16  SAS as well as SATA SFF 2.5" hard drives.

What type of SATA drives can I installe on the server?

Can someone send me a link or example how they look like to fit the tray?

Here is a picture of the tray, please let me know what kind of drive is supported for it

This bay is for 2.5 inch SAS or SATA HDs.  For SATA drives, you have 2 options:

1 TB drive or 500 GB drive

Thank you Reza.

So there is no way to use a regular type HDD on that machne?


Not that I know. The SATA 3.5 will not fit in there.

Good Luck


What about 1U version like C200 (4 x 3.5" hdd), will it support regular type of drive or same as for C210 only works with Cisco provided..?

for c200

According to the data sheet below you can use 8 2.5 drives or 4 3.5

from the data sheet

Hot-swappable SAS and SATA drives

•  Up to 8 front-accessible, hot-swappable, internal 2.5-inch or 4  front-accessible, hot-swappable, internal 3.5-inch SAS or SATA drives,  providing redundancy options and ease of serviceability

• Balanced performance and capacity to best meet application needs:

• 15,000-RPM SAS drives for highest performance

• 7200-RPM SAS drive for high capacity and performance

• 7200-RPM SATA II drives for high capacity and value

Thank you

Michael LeFevers

I know this is an old post but the picture you show is of a drive BLANK. It's not a real hard drive sled. Cisco and other manufacturers use these to fill in the slots of a server that did not originally come with drives in the slot.

Unfortunately you can't use blanks for sleds and sleds usually come with the OEM hard drive when you buy them.

To use an after market hard drive you would need to located some unused sleds. You might try ebay or other online sites.



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