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Peter Vine

C240-M3 FPGA & PSU firmware upgrades.

Hi chaps, 

Trying to upgrade the FPGA and PSU firmware on my C240 M3 servers via the HUU 3.0.3a utility however it does not have an option for upgrading the firmware on the FPGA and PSUs. 

Over time, I've had to replace PSUs due to failures which means I've now got mis-matched firmware versions which flag up. I'm unable to upgrade the firmware on these items so need some help? 

What do I need to download and how do I run it? Can go via the CLI and ISO - I've got the fancy linux script for burning Cisco HUU images onto USB :P

Wes Austin
Cisco Employee

Hey Peter,

I believe these are the steps you are looking for:

Power off the Server and SSH to the CIMC IP address and run these commands:

#scope chassis
#scope firmware
#show detail <--------if a an upgrade is required then this command will tell you if it is
#update-all <-------- This command runs the upgrade

Hi Wesley, 

Thanks, I did that but when I power it back on and compile a tech support file it says that the FPGA and PSU still need firmware updates?

Basically what the CIMC says when the server is powered off differs to what the CIMC says when the server powers on? I'll post examples in a second. 

Here is what the CIMC log says when the server is powered off:

Firmware Details:

ComponentID: FPGA
Status: NotRequired
Version: C8061554
Latest: C8061554

And here is what it says when it is powered on:

ComponentID: FPGA
Status: Required
Latest: C8061554


So what exactly is going on???

Have you removed power / re-seated PSU since the update?

I haven't removed power or re-seated the PSU since the update. Would I need to do that to jog the CIMC into seeing the FPGA firmware status? 

Could not find a document to confirm, however, I remember this may be required if the firmware still did not show correctly.

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