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Cisco IMC Emulator for Standalone C-Series Rack Servers


The Cisco IMC Emulator allows users to familiarize themselves with Cisco’s UCS Standalone Management platform, also known as the Cisco Integrated Management Controller (Cisco IMC). It provides access to all three management interfaces Cisco offers today – WebUI, CLI, and the XMLAPI. The Cisco IMC Emulator is supported on the following servers: C220M4, C240M4, C460M4.


The emulator enables users to do the following:


  • View and explore the available Cisco IMC features without the need for physical HW. For example, experiencing the new HTML5 based WebUI that launched with Cisco IMC 3.0(1c) firmware.
  • Become familiar with select Cisco UCS hardware and standalone management solutions before purchasing equipment.
  • Set up automation scripts / programmatic deployments using the XML API. This can save time for our customers.


Current Release 3.0(3f):


The latest release of the Cisco IMC Platform Emulator brings the following changes:


- Emulator is now bundled as an OVA for seamless deployment, eliminating the requirements for pre-configured Linux hosts

- Emulator now has multi-threaded QEMU support, allowing for faster interaction via the API, and overall performance increase

- ZIP file includes individual platform versions if deploying a VM is not possible. These can be run inside RHRL 7.0/CentOS 6.5 and have the same prerequisites as the initial release.


**User Guide for current release is posted in the Attachments section below. The OVA/ZIP files can be found on Box:


Cisco IMC Emulator Downloads - Box




Previous Releases


Release 3.0(3a)


Cisco IMC Platform Emulator – version 3.0(3a). This release adds many new features, including the following:


- VIC Configuration

- BIOS Configuration

- WebUI based Emulator configuration (previously, this was CLI only)

- Configurable IMC Emulator MAC Address and Serial Number

- Various bug fixes


The Cisco IMC Platform Emulator is now bundled into a single .zip file. The package needs to be unpacked as before, and uses a “” script in the root directory (cimc_emulator-3.0.3a) to launch the emulator. Individual platforms can still be accessed using the CLI by navigating to cimc_emulator-3.0.3a\prod\<desired platform>. Please reference the latest user guide for additional details.

You can access the Cisco IMC Emulator platform images from the link below:


Cisco IMC Emulator - Box


The user guide can be found as part of the .zip file and is also posted below.



Initial Release 3.0(1c):

The emulator runs from a 64bit linux host, and was tested with RHEL 7.0 and CentOS 6.5.  When using Windows, you must ensure Virtual Box software is installed, and an appropriate 64 bit linux OS is provided. The host machine must have the tunctl and brctl commands to create the tap network and the bridge network, respectively (these are used for accessing/communicating with the emulated IMC). There is also a configuration file that can be modified in real time, and allows users to adjust various IMC sensor values, mimic faults, and perform device state changes.


The video below provides an overview of the Cisco IMC Emulator and also explains how to install the utility.



Video Link : 16038


This next video outlines general use cases for the IMC Emulator, while also stepping through some examples.


Video Link : 16039

Cisco Employee

Apologies for that. Link is working now. 


Thanks! It works well.


I could not access the box link for CIMC Emulator.
Cisco Employee

Please try again. 


Thank you. I downloaded it.

Cisco Employee



Seems link is broken, can you please check ?
Cisco Employee

Please give this another try. 


Hi Gregory,

Is there a new version of emulator for C220 M5 server? or we can just used the 3.0.3f for M5 servers too?

Thanks and Regards,




Andrew Edwards
Greg, Is there a public domain link (e.g. not Cisco Drop Box where file age out)? I have looked around ( and and and all blog posts and even the community site point back to this page. I cannot seem to find the download link anywhere but here and they are expired.... bummer! If you can post one that would be awesome! Thanks Andy
Cisco Employee

I could not access the box link for CIMC Emulator.
Cisco Employee

Please try again. 



Could you also share the content with me as I too do not have access to the Box link.


Jorge Fonseca
Cisco Employee

Yes, links are working. 




Is this applicable to the M5 server too? Or is this a different emulator for M5?
Cisco Employee

The IMC Emulator is not a currently maintained project. The latest versions are those posted – nothing today for M5.

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