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Cisco UCS and VNX Initiators

I am installing a new UCS blade system connecting it to a VNX5300 at our disaster recovery site. We are installing ESXi 5.0 Update 2 on each blade using boot from SAN. I have created my service profile and associated it with a blade. The profile has two SAN boot targets pointing at 2 different WWNs corresponding to ports on SPA and SPB. They are configured as a primary and secondary.

When the blade boots I have to manually register the first initiator that connects and assign it to the proper storage group so that my server will continue to boot and install ESXi. During this process I only have one of the two SAN boot targets configured. I also have assigned 4 vHBAs to the profile. After I get the blade set up with ESXi I then go in and add the secondary SAN boot target.

My problem is this....

When I look at the initiators on the VNX I see 5 initiators instead of the 4 I would expect.

Example: I have A-4, A-5, B-4 and B-5 wired on the VNX. I have assigned the SAN boot targets to A-4 and B-4. I would expect to see 4 initiators (2 that point to one of the A-X and 2 that point to the B-X). What I am seeing is 4 initiators that follow this pattern and one initiator that is duplicated and points to A-4 and B-4. Looking at the initiators it seems that the duplicate initiator that points at B-4 is erroneous.

Why am I seeing this happen?


Robert Burns
Cisco Employee

Which storage switches are you using?

If MDS, which VSANs are you using?

This could point to a zoning issue where you zoned the same WWPN of one initiator to both A and B SPs. 


I'm using zoning on the fabric interconnects.

An important detail .  Which version of UCSM?

Also provide your zoning config:

connect nxos a

show zone


connect nxos b

show zone



Yeah sorry I didn't mention that in my original post. Running UCSM 2.1(1d). Here's the zone config.

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